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If you've got any questions or suggestions feel free to post them in this thread.

What would you love to write/read about at MDL?

I want to write a Stalker's Guide for Lee Joon. I've PM'd with Skye about it earlier this year, but I've been lazy on it. I'm not good at motivating myself but also I don't want to quit on it.
Yuanwei Volunteer Staff
@Empress let us know if you need any help :D you can do it! ^~^
I haven't seen many articles about drama specials, I think? It would be cool if someone could do that, specials that have no relation to a drama for example, like splash splash love, Ai wa Mieru, or other drama specials that are just a few episodes :)
I would love to write an article but about what/who.... Articles on drama specials would be cool @Yume! ^^
Yuanwei Volunteer Staff
@Oppa-kiss-me have you checked the Available Article Topics board? maybe you can find sth you want to write about there. If not, you can wait for a bit until people submit more ideas :D

you guys can post this thread to your feeds if you have many friends :D

@Yume that's a good idea... I'll think about some titles and add them to the board. :D
Yuanwei Volunteer Staff
I hope more people will join in. This idea makes me interact more with fellow friends and users. :D
Yuanwei Volunteer Staff
bump! ^~^
'A story of subtitles' or alternatively 'Why the hell it takes so long until the show is subbed?' - an article about the process of creating subtitles from the very begining (claiming the project and puting together a subtiting team) to the end (encoding and uploading the video somewhere) vs. why sometimes there are subtitles right after airing. I dont think i have seen such article on mdl yet and i think it would be nice to inform readers about hardships of subtitling. Lately, i have seen many ... ungrateful comments from people on the internet regarding the time it takes for subtitles to come out and as a translator it annoys me a lot. It has been mainly regarding variety shows and reality shows but i think many MDL users are also audience of these shows (plus i think MDL also plans to expand into variety shows/reality shows area in the future).

I might be willing to write this article as I am a professional translator and I am sad to see people are often ungrateful just because 'it takes wayyy too long!!!1!' for subtitles to be out but at the same time I am kinda salty about this topic so I am afraid my article would sound too bitter :D. Also, I havent been in an 'actual' fansub group because i dont speak korean/chinese/japanese. However, If there is a need or interest i could team up with someone who also knows how things regarding subtitling work but i dont think i should write that article alone :D
^ That's a great idea! I'm a subber as well and know how difficult it can be to do it plus it takes a lot of time to translate an episode.
You can team up with some user but only one person can be credited for that article (only one nickname can show up).

p.s. you don't have to worry about sounding "salty", as long as you present your arguments in a respectful manner, you can be as subjective and biased as you want to.
Yuanwei Volunteer Staff
@Ceki they can just add both their usernames at the end of the article even though only one nickname can show up as the writer at the top. :D
How and where do you submit the articles?
^ you will receive a link after your topic gets approved.
I see, thanks for the answer :)