heyo lunarrr here, 

I've searched even the bermuda triangle  to find a good drama i can watch-

okay that's a lie lol-

but since im not completely new to kdramas, jdramas etc etc i guess i am a bit more picky- 

I've finished yet another drama in the span of two days and one 1.5 liter of dr pepper, so i am left in agony-

im kidding yet again gOSH-

I hope that you guys will watch/ recommend some dramas with badass FL'S!

here are some i have watched, give them a try!

- fight my way ((fight for my way)) one of the first - if not the first kdrama i have ever watched, it has stuck to me ever since

-miss hammurabi

-mad dogs


-witch's court

-lawless lawyer

-strong woman do bong soon

-weightlifting fairy kim bok joo

- W: two worlds

I hope I can find more to add to my collection!

thanks in advance~

If you're up for Chinese historical/fantasy dramas, there's a few that has kickass female leads lol.

The Legends
Story of Yanxi Palace
Oh My General

A Taiwanese Drama:

Marry Me, or Not?
Iron Ladies

Chinese drama :

Eternal Love 10 miles peach blossom

Nirvana in Fire

J drama:


Doctor X

Asa ga Kita

Gou Himetachi

Kinkyu Torishirabeshitsu 

K drama:

coffee prince

Hotel Del Luna


Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

Gu Family Book after ep 4. The first 3 eps tell about the lead's parents.

Search: WWW

Graceful Family

Secret Boutique 

Hi, thank you for sharing the list there is a lot of film that I have not seen yet.

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Hotel del luna

Empress Ki

Eternal love