Anyone here learning Korean? I'm a big fan of K-Pop and am hooked on Strong Woman Do Bong Soon now and just started learning Korean. Picked up basic Hangul in class and am now using Viki Learn ( because I can watch dramas while clicking on the EN and KR subs to see the word's meaning.

If you're learning Korean, what resources are you using currently? Have you used Viki Learn and what do you think of it?

I'm using KoreanClass101 and it has honestly been helpful. It offers a variety of content and the teachers are super responsive! 

I'm using multiple books and Talk to Me in Korean. The book I currently like the best is Tuttles "Elementary Korean".  I like watching "King of Masked Singer" (which I enjoy anyway) because they put the Korean lyrics in the corner (like most music shows) but they also put some of the quotes in Korean on the screen and you have the Eng subs too since viki learn doesn't work when you use google cast. I think a number of the variety shows are the same.

I use a variety of methods: private tutoring, books, YouTube ... but I find that Duolingo has helped me more than anything else with consistent daily practice! Since it's an app that's on my phone, it's easy to remember to do lessons. Duo also sends you reminders when its time to study & you can win Duo 'money' called lingots that you can use to 'buy' cool stuff that aids in your learning! Highly recommended for beginners or anyone who just wants to get a taste of the language! I've learned so many new words & feel more confident making basic sentences than ever before! :-)

TalkToMeInKorean was the best resource back when I was learning. They have loads of audio lessons and upload the script for you to read along.

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If u have discord there's a Korean language learning server:

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