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Hey, I'm Icelynn!^^ I'm actually quite new to Dramas and Asian movies and I actually just finished my first drama today. I think dramas are a bit intimidating with their long episodes and drawn out plot, so if anyone has some recommendations for a newbie like me that'd be nice.. lol 

Anyways, thank you for for taking the time to read this

Hello~! And welcome to MDL! ^^ 
I know how you feel. At first I was so shocked about the length of the episodes :'D Actually I would recommend Healer ( that was the drama that got me into this xD) or Something about 1% (2016) 
Hi!  Welcome to MDL. ♥
Well I'm into this for 5 years already, but you know? I really take my time on finish a drama so I think I'm also a newbie here.
But I can recommend something.
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (It's really cute and heartwalming) I think you will like it.
And I second Healer.
Hello Icelynn! Welcome to MDL :")
I am sure you'll get used to long episodes :) I recommend Shopping King Louie.
Thank you very much for all your guys' kind words>.< I'll be sure to check out all of those dramas eventually lol! They all sound really interesting. c:
Hi and welcome to MDL! :3

I recommend Coffee Prince since it was the first drama for me. I hope you enjoy watching dramas :)
hello Icelynn ^^
welcome to MDL :D
If you like Gumiho, you should try watching Secret Garden and He's Beautiful :))
Hi Icelynn; (^-^)ノ
Welcome! Welcome!