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Hello minna san ^^ 

Any yakuza related films or dramaq that you would reccomend? I'm looking for something serious with a good plot and some humour . Anything like ouroburous , my boss my hero, out burn , ... . and having handsome actors is a must xD

Thanks for your time ^^

I would definitely recommend Ninkyo Helper!
thank you ... any other recommandation ?
I second Ninkyo Helper and would like to add:

The Mole Song
Why Don't You Play in Hell? (there's blood and gore, and it's pretty violent, but it's depicted in a ridiculously funny way)
I think one of the masters of yakuza movies is Takeshi Kitano, you can Watch from this director :
"Kid's return", a story about two hightschool friend who prefer truancy, one want become a professional boxer but the other is going to integrate the mafia. A  touchant story, with a lot of nostalgy. 
"Zatoichi", the plot takes place in Japan during 19e s, it's the story about a blind warrior who fight against a gang, a virtuous movie which associate sword scene and humor.
"Hana-Bi", A story about a policeman who quit police for dedicate himself to his sick wife and made an hold-up. A poetic masterpiece.
And he made a lot of other yakuza movies, these are all really good but some people find them two much slow. I hope you enjoy, you must give a try ;)

The Yakuza Girl / Sailor Suit and Machine Gun I guess? It's too sappy and too "idealistic" for me though.

Crows Zero and sequel = its more of a school fight movie with yakuza Elements (havent seen Crows explode yet)

Ouroboros ...two boys grow up in an orphanage 1 becomes a cop one becomes head of Yakuza

I second the Takeshi Kitano rec. In addition to the classics mentioned above, the most recent Kitano film I saw was probably Ryuzo and the Seven Henchmen - a comedy about retired elderly yakuza members who join forces against a group of modern-day gangsters. Loved the dark and somewhat absurd humor.

Incidentally, a sequel to Kitano's Outrage movies (Outrage and Beyond Outrage) is scheduled for theatrical release in Japan in just a few days so now might be a good time to give this trilogy a try.