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Hi everybody :) have you watched the drama only because of the actor? Which actor/drama was it?
Yes, Faith. Because of LMH. & Ohh, Flower boy next door because of YSY. -_-
anything with lee min ho, Kim Hyun Joong, the female lead in secret garden whose name I've temporarily forgotton, TOP, and Song Seung Hun.
Yes. All the time. First drama I watched, only did it because of Kim Ha Neul, 2nd drama was because of Song Joong Ki, then it was Ha Ji Won, etc etc, even now that I've watched so "many" dramas, I still do this. Only reason I gave Gu Family Book a chance was because of Lee Seung Gi.
I only watch innocent man (well half of it at least) SJK, but he's unmatched adorableness was sadly not enough to keep me watching.
yeah 100% true i only watch book of gu bcoz of wolryung
I end up doing this all the time. I find a drama I like, then check the actor/actress out here on MDL and go through their list of dramas and movies and start watching those, until someone else catches my eye.
Yes. I've watched a few dramas because of Jang Geun Suk, Kim Jae Won, Yoochun, Song Joong Ki, Mukai Osamu and a lot more and it keeps on growing simply because there are a lot of eye candies in dramaland. XD
stalking the actors is what I do .. I stalked lee seung gi , hyun bin , ha ji won , yoon eun hye ... and many others .. I learn about new actors while stalking the ones I like ..
I only watched When A Man Loves for Song Seung Hun. Even though I hated the female lead.
devitto Volunteer Staff
I started almost all the dramas I watched because various of my favorite actors were in them. Usually I start liking them after a while or drop them if I don't, though. I really forced my way through "Muscle Girl" only for Lee Hong Ki, though. ;)
When a man loves... I struggled finishing this drama only because of Song Seung Heon.
The Thousandth Man, Nam Woohyun *-*
I watched a lot of dramas because of a lot of actors. Usually when I think someone acting is good i would seek for other works they did, some of them were bad but in most cases it was worth it.
Every drama any Infinite members has ever been on.