Does anyone know a drama/movie where the main character is a morally gray character (morally gray character is a character who will choose to pursue their ambitions over those of the greater good or evil).

- Chisiya from Alice in Borderland who didn't interfere/try to help when a guy was getting bullied/cornered by others because he wanted to save himself
- Berlin from Money Heist who ordered his comrades to shoot the hostages to instil fear in the hostages so that the situation is within his control

  • Hanaoni (ML allows the FL who is his destined bride to be in danger in the hopes that being responsible for her death will get him removed from his position which he wants to escape)
  • His and Her Secrets (ML seduces the married FL in order to get revenge for his parents. He's mistaken about her responsibility in it, though.)
  • Well-Intended Love (ML does a lot of manipulation including faking the FL's medical diagnosis in order to force her to marry him because he fell in love with her years ago.)
  • Vincenzo 

Male characters:
Devil Judge - his politics are fascinating
Taxi Driver - their deeds are questionable
Watcher  - well......its a huge spoiler but they do act quite not how you'd think they should, all of them  
Money Flower - how much can you use people to get your revenge. 

Female Characters:
Misty - how far are you allowed to go for your ambitions
World of the married - how much are you allowed to give people what you got
Somebody (though this is arthouse genre so beware. She may or may not be more dark than grey)
Inspector Koo - this is a more humours take
Big issue - how much can you use the live of others for your own goals
The Glory - how far are you allowed to go for revenge.

  • Ballerina
  • Behind Your Smile
  • KinnPorsche
  • Duelist
  • HIStory3: Trapped
  • Kill It
  • Lost Romance