Hi everyone!

I use "While You Were Sleeping" as my go-to converter when converting my friends, and so far its had a pretty good success rate! Unfortunately, it did not work on my mom who is still against having to use subtitles. She claimed that its too stressful to remain focused on the text to understand what's going on (she doesn't understand Korean)... 

I don't know how to convert her too! I know that she will enjoy a drama with a really good crime/thriller/mystery plot (she has liked American dramas like White Collar, Chuck, Psych, Suits) with a bit of romance (to introduce her into more romance heavy dramas later), but I don't know which drama will reel her in so she won't care about the subtitles anymore. 

Finding a kdrama to hook her in has become my next mission.  LOL!

Any recommendations?

 I plan on having her try an episode tomorrow!

Just based on what you've watched, maybe Hello Monster?

But since your mother still finds it hard to read subtitles, will she be interested in something that's more of a "mood piece" like Just Between Lovers? I imagine that since the acting, cinematography, and directing of that drama is strong enough, you can still understand everything well enough even when you miss reading some dialogues here and there.

Maybe go for a more slow paced sort of drama that is not as high stress like WYWS. Maybe Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo or Because This Is My First Life will be up her alley.

If you want to go with Mystery or Thriller then: Tunnel, Signal, Voice 1,2

Otherwise: Oh My Venus. 

i second Oh My Venus.   And I'll throw Descendents of the Sun in there too.   

I showed my mom Goblin when it first came out and she's still hooked. Whenever the OST comes on through Spotify she gets emotional haha. (Same goes for me tbh.)

Another Miss Oh

Mine got hooked with “the package” since it has beautiful cinematography and is similar to western dramas.

Thank you so much for these recs!! I actually got her to watch Memories of Alhambra, since I haven't watched it either and its on Netflix, and I think she likes it (although she said the plot is really confusing.) She and my dad are hooked for now though, which I never expected!! I do agree about the cinematography, I think that's something that will really impress her if I want to get her into another drama. 

These recommendations are so good!! I am already starting to plan out the next dramas to introduce!

BTW, feel free to give any more recs whenever you think of them! :)

✔ What's Wrong with Secretary Kim 

✔ Clean with a Passion

✔ Suits 

✔ Gentleman's Dignity 

✔ It's Okay It's Love 

✔ Dear My Friends 

✔ Love in the Moonlight


✔ Mystery Queen 

✔ Suspicious Partner 

✔ Kill Me Heal Me 

✔ Oh My Ghostess 

✔ Let's Fight Ghost

✔ Life on Mars  

I had the same problem with my mother. She has watched 1 or 2 episodes from many different dramas like You who came from the stars, Empress Ki, Bad guys, but she couldn't keep up with the subtitles. I am from Greece and my mother isn't perfect at English so the fast pace of the subs didn't help much.

The only drama that she almost saw all of the episodes (because I saw the first 4 alone) was Children of Nobody. It wasn't a romance and it was slow paced with a mysterious plot and good acting and she liked it a lot.

If I were you I would chose something crime based with little or no romance like the series I recommended above.

Maybe something more mature is better:

The Good Wife 

Two Weeks 

Come and Hug Me 

Miss Hammurabi 

Chief Kim This one is a comedy drama

Without knowing anything about your mom, including her age (40? 70?), I'd suggest Terius Behind Me. There's a disgraced spy trying to hide out in an apartment, where the person he sees most often is a harried housewife with really cute six-year-old twins who lives across the hall. He's built like a truck, except a truck probably smiles more often.

What got me into kdrama was film first. So, you may want to try out action films, since they have very simple story and not super hard to follow. 

1. Train to Busan (2016) - train, zombies, and passengers struggle to survive. The characters are very relatable and easy to follow.


2. Tunnel (2016) - similar to disaster films. collapse of a poorly constructed tunnel trapping survivors.


3. Masquerade (2012) - like the movie the man in the iron mask. A clown replaces the King to protect the king from assassinations. It's more light hearted than the iron mask.


4. Unstoppable (2018) -  like the  movie taken but instead of daughter, the wife is kidnapped.  Lots fight scenes. 


Tv shows that are similar style to american dramas

City hunter (2011)- chuck but darker version. Revenge show for govt. coverup on spy mission killing main leads father. He works together with his father's friend to take down all those responsible.


Save Me (2017)- similar to the path, but slightly darker about cults. Follows a family that lost everything and joins a cult.


Six Flying Dragons (2015) - a little more complex with multiple factions period drama. Lots good action scenes and story.