Mine is:

Justin Bieber - Baby
Rebecca Black - Friday

and every Finnish rap crap.
Rebecca Black- Friday
Lady gaga- Telephone ...

so far thats what i remember
One of the songs Hava sent me :P
I think it was Shake It by some Korean singer.
Ayy Girl by JYJ

as much as I love them, the song was painful to listen to...it was almost close to Justin Bieber status...
Rebecca Black Friday
Any and every song by Ke-dollar-sign-ha.
i like Kesha's songs as long as i am not watching them :S i also cant stand Techno music and hard core rap
@boredandtwitchy: Have you heards Ke$ha's "Goodbye"? that song was good :)

Mine would be...My Jeans by Jenna Rose ft Baby Triggy.
I'm starting to like Rebbeca Black's "Friday" since I found out that there's a deeper meaning to it's lyrics.
All modern Country music.
that friday song. gag me plz. i listen to 10 secs and then closed the page. that's 10 secs that singer needs to give me back and brain cells that i've lost.
@skye: haha it was e.via's : DD
@nancydrew: yeah i also can't listen to it...maybe it's because of those 2 americans in that song..who knows? I miss the old DBSK
missmusicangel wrote: that friday song. gag me plz. i listen to 10 secs and then closed the page. that's 10 secs that sing needs to give me back and brains that i've lost.

Oh oh...it's Friday :D
Sak Noel - Loca People. I was like "wtf is that?!" when I heard it on a radio channel.
Rebecca Black - Friday >.<
And definitely Inna's songs O.o'.
Ayy Girl kills my ears D: Seriously, the Kanye bit just makes me wince every time I hear it. It is awful. In fact, their whole English album makes me feel that way.. with the exception of a few songs.
There are so many! Anything by Michael Buble', Justin Bieber (Justice Beaver) or just pick a teen pop idol. The song that made me sick when I was a kid was called Wildfire...And old song from the 70's. So so so bad. Also...any country song where the guy is cheating and the girl whines about how she's going to slash his tires and shoot him in the heart. Which means, basically every country song.