I am looking for a drama with an unique or "unconventional" type relationship. Can be any country. Its hard to explain, but I am looking for something new and interesting. (New as in terms of romance, not time)

I am not a Robot - ml orders a robot, but something happens so the fl takes on the role of a human robot. It is a fun and sweet story
Cunning Single Lady - the leads are exes, after their divorce he became very successful, she lost everything. Through an opportunity she takes up a job at his firm. Now they both try to keep their relation secret from the others while trying to navigate their individual romance stories, work and their past.
Kidnapping Game -she is from a rich family, he is struggling. They end up meeting and make up a plan to "kidnappe her" in order to get money from her parents. But their game starts to get complicated when they develop feelings and people start to get murdered around them.
Pinocchio - ML's family was harassed by journalists. Through incidents he is assumed dead. He however got picked up by a fisherman , who takes him in as a "son". The Fishermans other son is an adult and has a daughter himself. Thus "niece" and "uncle" grow up together and develop feelings for another but then stuff gets super complicated when she wants to become a journalist.
Someday or One Day - time travel story with a twist. ML died, FL is going to the past, but nothing is as it seems
Just Between Lovers - both leads were victims of an accident as kids. They happen to meet one another and work through both their traumas.

Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo - hero vs demon lord (not literally)
Shanai Marriage Honey - extremely sweet couple
Lupin no Musume - daughter of thieves vs son of cops
Mr. Lipstick - narcissistic rich ML vs clumsy teacher FL
Blue Birthday - FL travels back in time using old photos to save ML
Chugakusei Nikki - forbidden romance of student ML vs his teacher FL
Girl2K - 2000 years old immortal FL vs 4 love candidates
Good Luck!! - pilot vs airplane mechanic

Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo and strong woman do bong soon , both have a strong fl with a cute ml 

I really enjoyed Live Up to Your Name, it's a Korean historical time travel drama. The FL is a surgeon from modern day and the ML is from Joseon era and practices traditional  Korean medicine, specializing in acupuncture.

it’s a movie, but their relationship is definitely unique and unconventional 

Love and Leashes

Angel's Last Mission: Love (2019) - ML is an angel

Back From the Brink (2023) - ML is a dragon

Heartbeat (2023) - ML is a vampire

Jinxed at First (2022) - FL sees the future

Love Song for Illusion (2024) - ML has an evil spirit in him

Moon in the Day (2023) - ML is an evil spirit

My Demon (2023) - Well, guy's a demon

My Holo Love (2020) - Guy's a hologram

My Journey to You (2023) - FL is a spy

My Lovely Liar (2023) - FL senses lies

My Man Is Cupid (2023) - ML is a cupid

Prime Minister and I (2013) - ML is the Prime Minister and ML is a poor journalist

The Princess and the Werewolf (2023) - ML is a werewolf

The Romance of Hua Rong (2019)- ML is a pirate