The guy doesn't have to be super poor, a story where the girl is high in the social status and there's a distance between them may it big or small

(older woman/younger guy would be a plus)

It can be Korean, Japanese, it doesn't matter

So far i have watched:

Ho Goo's Love

That fool

Take Care of the Young Lady

I really loved Ho Goo's Love because of how light hearted it was, the drama was not too much and it has a lot of funny scenes so you don't get drown with all the drama. So light hearted drama with the theme of rich girl/poor guy is what i really looking for, no dramas like Innocent Man where its not really for me(I need to laugh and feel good :D)

Thanks in advance :D

Couple or Trouble 
History of A Salaryman- A rich girl develops a crush on poor guy.
The Birth of The Rich- Poor guy believes he is a chaebol and falls for a rich girl while searching for his father.
I Love Lee Tae-ri- A kid transforms into an adult and gets a job working for an heiress.
Tatta hitotsu no koi - one of my fav dramas of all time <3
Hanamizuki - a movie, it got bad reviews but I really liked it. The girl wasn't over the top rich though, but I remember there being some issues with him being a fisherman and her going to a college in another city.
Innocent man - the poor/rich thing isn't really that much of an issue though

And I haven't watched this yet but I think she is rich and he is poor;
A love to kill
Do you only want current.  I know a great Korean drama with that theme but older. 
Mr. Duke

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi - This is the one I instantly thought of. I have watched it 2-3 times.

I Am Sam - It has a 6.5 rating but I really liked it. I think the rating is low because someone put T.O.P. in the spot that looks like he is the main character when he is not the main character.

Cloud Stairs - I hate dramas about hospitals / doctors but I liked this one

Kumo no Kaidan - This is the japanese remake of cloud stairs. I do not exactly remember it.. if I remember correctly I liked it but it was pretty different from the korean version.

Dr. Gang - Another medical drama about a guy pretending to be a doctor. In this one I do not think the girl is rich but I think she is richer than him at least..
High Society
Ugly Alert
My Princess
Some dont have Happy Ending

I Do I Do
Innocent Man
Star's Lover
Winter That Wind Blows
Snow Queen
Lovers in Paris
Witch Yoo Hee
I Love Lee Tae Ri
Suay Rerd Cherd Sode
Not sure if you're okay with Taiwanese dramas but one thing that I could think of at the top of my head is "Material Queen" then there's also "Corner with Love" :)
Thanks for the recommendation, I just recently finished re watching That Fool and i got to say one of my favourite dramas with that kind of theme, just an overall feel good drama :D
I love That Fool. Hwang jungmin was so awesome in that...

anyway i just wanna post some additional recommendations wtih that scenario:
Lovers in prague
i am Bliss / Happiness
Naked Fireman
prosecutor Princess
Green Rose
Golden Time
angel Eyes

East of eden. Eventhough it have long episode and kind of old drama, it have amazing storyline! I love the chemistry between song seung heon and lee yon hee (rich girl and poor guy). Their love very pure and sincere. ❤❤


  • Overprotected kahoko
  • Takane no Hana 
  • First Love (1996)
  • Wedding (2005)
  • across the ocean to see you
  • The ice princess
  • khun chai pawornruj
  • Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised

I'm glad that after a few years we got a bit more drama's with this kind of settings, if only we have the same amount or at least half of its counter part

Thanks for the recommendations! Hope to see more in a few years time