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any dramas where the couple meet again after years and get together? like they have loved each other in the past and after certain circumstance they separate and get back together after some years? i really like this trope cos it enhances the true love between the couple..

dramas like that ive already watched are

autumns concerto

loving never forgetting

my sunshine-drama

u r my sunshine- movie

spring waltz

all the above were really god.. so any recommendations pls?

Wonderful Days
She Was Pretty
Kill Me, Heal Me
Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion i didn't like this one but maybe you will
Cunning Single Lady is exactly that
Discovery of Romance - they broke up in the past but meet again after a few years and has to work with eachother
Missing you - when they were young something horrible happens and they got separated. He never stops searching for her but when she returns...
Emergency Couple - a rich guy marries a poor girl, the marriage last just 2 years, they get divorced - years later they meet again at their workplace
A little different but maybe also your taste:
Legend of the Blue Sea - Fantasy story about a couple that loves each other in a past life and meet again now
Someone said Winter Sonata and Stairway to Heaven (heavy on the melo side)
@safae i already watched she was pretty taiwan version.. Ill check the other 2 out.. Thankyouu..
@meg i tried watching cunning  single lady long back but i found the lead girl very annoying. Lol.. Thanks for the suggestion tho
@izzydramalover thanks a lot..ill check them out.. But do they have gud endings??
@real_mokona i watched lotbs already & i loved it.. Ill check the other 3 out..tanq
@something i love dramas that are heavy on melo.. So ill definitely check them out.Thanks
Delightful girl choon hyang
Endless love
Only you
Secret Romance
Love that makes you cry
Uncontrollably Fond (also very heavy on melo)
Let's Eat 2 (knew each other from school)
You're All Surrounded kind of has the theme, but it's not the main focus. The main focus is the crime drama. 
Weightlifting Fairy KBJ (no melo, low-key rom com)
My Secret Romance had a bit of it. The couple meets once and don't see each other for 3 years. Then they meet again. Wasn't the best drama ever, though.
I second Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo!! loved that drama

I Hear Your Voice
I Remember You
fated to love you
emergency couple
i have a lover
my secret hotel 
cunning single lady

i liked those a lot (except for emergency couple, didn't like it that much) other than that , the other four i rewatched them over and over .. 
there is also : 

my best ex-boyfriend (Chinese)
when i see you again (Taiwanese)
my love eun dong
divorce lawyer in love
angel eyes
i need romance 2