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so I'm looking for a drama where the hero follows the heroine a lot. He's mad about her and is a bit of a stalker. Maybe watches her, records her, follows her etc. I'm not keen on the hero being abusive I. E hitting her or verbally being nasty to her. But maybe the hero is tortured or a bit of a dangerous character to be in a relationship with. Any recs for this? I don't mind if his obsession with the heroine is unhealthy or over the top, I just don't want the hero hurting the heroine.

^^ The guys are not exactly creepy stalkers or anything...they are just really into the girl and following her around
Once upon a time in my heart ( Thai drama )
I love my president but he us psycho ( Chinese drama )
cubic ( in love with this one )
Cruel Romance Chinese Drama
Maingenre Romance:
Noble my Love - rich guy is obsessed with an vet. doctor who saved his life (Love that! -I think it fits what you are searching for)
Leh Ratree - girl get sold to an rich man and they both fall in love even if he is not interested in the beginning
Cheese in the trap - at the beginning he is mean later he seems to like her... or not? But he is all around (I think it fits what you are searching for)

You may also like:
Behind your smile - he approached her to seek revenge at her family but cannot help and fall really in love
Kleun Cheewit - he seeks revenge for his dead girlfriend and is obsessed with the woman who is suspected to kill her
Secret - Same plot as Kleun Cheewit but he is more cruel

Neither of the male leads hurt the girl in a physical way! But most of them are kind of mean or creepy until the moment they acknowledge their love
Secret Garden
Hana yori Dango
Summer's Desire