Most dramas are like this:  single Female lead, meets guy, falls in love, gets married

But I want dramas where the female lead is already married and has to deal with cheating, raising her children, in-laws(...).

I don't mind if she decides to get divorced early on and finds a new man.

I already watched/ plan to watch:

- Women of Dignity 

- Birth of a Beauty

- Queen of Mystery

-  My husband got a family

- Ms Perfect 

- The first half of my life

- Twenty again

- The good wife

  • Go Back Couple
  • Twenty again
  • Fantastic
  • Zannen na Otto (this one is male lead centered)

Famale lead married:

  • Secret Love Affair
  • Sore wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no you ni..

Male lead married:

  • Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru

One Warm Word- Korean/ The "perfect" wife faces her husband and his affair. In my opinion, this was a wonderful drama and a great depiction of a broken marriage. (2013)

365 Wun Haeng Rak- Thai/ I cannot quite remember what happens in this drama, but I rated it a 7.5. I remember the wife gets ahead of herself in trying to protect her marriage and damages it. Honestly, this may have been one of those dramas I rated high because of my love for the actors. (2010)

La Dolce Vita- Korean/ This drama was okay. (2008)

My Rosy Life- Korean/ The husband is having an affair and is determined to leave his wife for the other woman. Although the husband seems ridiculous at first the story becomes deeper and very intense.  (2005)

Valid Love- Korean/ The wife is unfaithful. . . I rated this as a 6.5. (2014)

I Have a Lover- Korean/  A marriage is on the verge of collapse with the wife being "detached" and the husband "bonding" with another woman.  (2015)

The Fierce Wife- Taiwanese/ Husband begins an affair with the female lead's younger cousin. (2010)

Sengyou Shufu Tantei ~ Watashi wa Shadow- Japanese/ A "clueless" wife begins working with a detective agency. (2011)

Kanna-san- Japanese/ Wife finds out her husband is having an affair and begins to focus on her career and son. (2017)

Haha ni naru -- a married couple lose their son, then find him again years later

Hirugao -- female lead falls in love with another man because her husband only think of her as a friend, not a lover

Gochisousan -- female lead is not already married, but gets married very early on. It's as asadora so most of the drama is about her married life.

Mou ichido kimi ni propose -- female lead loses her memory and her husband tries to make her fall on love with him again.

On the way to the airport -- female lead and her husband don't have a very good relationship; both are always working and he is cold toward her and their child. She meets another man who is also married and in a similar (but more tragic) situation. They try to fight against their feelings but they are irresistibly drawn to - and just right for-  each other.

Sayonara watashi -- one of the female leads are married and have a child; the drama is more about friendship between women than about romance

My sunshine china drama- here the girl marries another man but it was just for name sake and then she gets together with MC

I have a Lover, and

My Sunshine, both are the best I ever watched!!

One hundred year inheritance

Secret love affair


Wife's Credentials

Tower of Babel— FL was married to another man and the ML became her lover.