Okay, I have seen these dramas :

Boys over flowers (it's versions too)

Secret Garden

1% Of something

5 to 9

Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi

They had one thing common except 5 to 9 (loved it still) that the male lead was arrogant , cold , mean , jerk-ish, narcissistic , tsundere ,playboy,  overall not-good- guy and with cold personality who doesn't really care for people and girls too but he falls for female lead First .  He didn't know how to show care and affection and was being weird and not realizing that he had fallen for her. But He began to change due to female lead and only show his love , care for female lead even tho they were still a bit mean-ish but inside they really love female lead and change due to her. and began a better person at least  .BONUS : He can be kind of obsessed with female lead or head over heels for her or jealous.

Female lead were pretty headstrong and stand up for herself , also she really don't give a wuff or interest in him and focus on herself rather than thinking about male lead. i don't mind her liking another guy but i want headstrong female lead who doesn't have interest in male lead and slowly began to like him too. No chasing the guy but instead not showing interest in him.

Sorry for being picky but i realllllly want to see this.

Genre doesn't matter but no sad ending.

you can recommend me from any country ( Taiwan , China , Japanese , South Korea , Thailand , Turkey etc)

Thank you. :D

What's wrong with secretary Kim

  • A Girl and Three Sweethearts
  • Masters Devil Do Not Kiss Me
  • Moonshine and Valentine
  • Jealousy Incarnate

There are some dramas that you are looking for



Strongest woman do bong soon 16


Beautiology 101 10 episodes

Weightlifting fairy kim book joo 16

Cinderella and the four knights 16


Exo next door 16

Noble my love 20

Dream knight 12

Sassy go go 12

Sweden laundry 16


Bride of the century 16


The heirs 20

Chinese/taiwanese drama


Love & life & lie 41

Hi flower 2 seasons

The king of romance 17


Refresh man 17


The whirlwind girl 2 seasons

Thai drama


Game maya 17


Song huajai nee puer tur 12


Cubic 16

Turkish drama

Kizlarim için 13
Lise devriyesi 11
Ateşböceği 17
Fazilet hanim ve kizlari 50
Istanbullu gelin 54
Rüzgarin kalbi 9
Bana sevmeyi anlat 22
Yüksek sosyete 26 (kdrama high society remake)
Çilek kokusu 23 (kdrama heirs)
Kiraz mevsimi 59 (kdrama a gentleman's dignity )

Flower boy ramen shop

Madame Antoine

My Lovely Sam Soon (Hyun Bin from Secret Garden is  btw male lead)

You’re beautiful (this one is possible to find from other countries as well)

Already mentioned which I really recommend:

The Master’s Sun

Lucky Romance

What’s wrong with Secretary Kim

Thank you guys for the recs! I really am glad to hear that there are drama which have similar theme. Thanks once again.

If anyone have more recs PLEASE suggest. I am looking forward to watch more. PLEASE do.

✔️ Love Me if You Dare 

✔️ Just You (i don't remember who falls in love first) 

✔️ Fall in Love With Me

✔️ Drinking Solo

✔️ Gogh, the Starry Night

High end crush

Noble my love

The greatest love

Pin to Kona

Moon lovers

Hateful but once again 

Just finished this old Thai drama Duang Jai Akkanee and it's so sweet--give it a try!