I live, breathe and eat Crime shows. No matter what language they are in.  Crime Dramas are probably the first dramas I check out.

I don't think there are tooo many crime dramas to check out So I want your recommendations of ones to watch.  FROM ALL ASIAN COUNTRIES

Doesnt Matter the type of crime either, could be murder or stalker or fraud.  I just want a collection to watch so I never run out.



I also really enjoy crime dramas. I really liked when a snail falls in love and Love Me if you dare (both based on novels by Ding Mo). You can watch them on viki.

There is also a third drama based on her novel (Memory Lost) but you can't find it on viki and I didn't enjoy it.

There are probably more, but I have to go through my watched list.

Edit: Are only looking for crime investigation dramas? Or do do also watch dramas that are about crime (like switch, lawless lawer etc.)


I didn't really like a Snail Falls in Love but I have not seen Love Me if You Dare so I will definitely check that out.

I have seen Memory Lost and I liked it, definitely not the best I have ever seen though.

Edit: I am looking for any dramas with crime involved...whether it is a crime investigation show or about crime.  I want to see Lawless Lawyer.

Basically if you can place it under the category of crime...I AM ALL FOR IT!

Alright. I will try to remember every drama I watched. But I will probably edit this.

As I said

Love me if you dare

When a snail falls in Love

Memory Lost

Lawless Lawer (I liked that one)

I remember you/Hello Monster

Switch  (I skipped some parts but I do that with most dramas, I liked it overall)

City Hunter (not the best but I still enjoyed it)

While You were sleeping (liked that one)

Who are you (dropped it because I got bored but I will pick it up again)

Criminal minds (dropped it because I am a fan of the US version and the first episode didn't convince me)

Those are the ones I remember for now.

Suspicious Partner

You are all surrounded

Black (my favorite!) 

+1 to Hello Monster

+1 Lawless Lawyer

+1 While You were Sleeping

Cruel City

Come and Hug Me

Pinocchio (they are reporters that try to uncover a circle of corruption). 

Strong Woman Da Bong Soon (mostly comedy, but when a serial killer messes with the wrong woman, the action hits the fan). 



+1 to Lawless Lawyer, Hello Monster and Suspicious Partner

You should watch Stranger. It's near to perfection.

Voice was good as well and they are doing a season 2        https://mydramalist.com/20378-voice

Sencory Couple wasn't bad                      https://mydramalist.com/13103-the-girl-who-sees-scents

+1 Stranger
+1 Signal
+1 Hello Monster

Missing Noir M
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin
Infernal Affairs (talking about the show, but HK movies are awesome as well)




Hello Monster


99.9 Criminal Lawyer


Cold Case


Mad Dog



Kagi no kakatta heya

Kizoku Tantei

Youkoso wagaya e

Ryusei no kizuna

Salomon's perjury

Keiji Yugami

N no tame ni



Subete ga F ni naru

Bad guys

38 Task force


Orthros no inu

love me if you dare(chinese,highly recommend)

memory lost s1 to s3 (chinese,highly recommend)

medical examiner dr qin (chinese,highly  highly recommend)

when a snal fall in love (chinese,highly recommend)

girl who can see scent (korean,unnatural power girl can see scent and follow clue to solve crime)

w the two world (korean,fantacy crime show btw real world to cartoon world)

paragit ruk s1 to s4 (thai, its story about four ML who belong to navy,land,air,police four different forces faces many trouble to save their country individually and group their is love, bromance, patriot-ion, terrist attack highly recommend  )

man to man (korean,  secret agent, highly recommend  )

cruel city(korean,secret agent)

special squad(indian)

24 s1 to s9 (american)

24 s1 to s2(indian)

kabhi biwi kabhi jasoos(indian)

you are all surrounded(korean)


The must watch are:

  1. Signal (Epic!!!)
  2. Secret Forest/Stranger
  3. Heartless City
  4. Hundred Million stars from the Sky
  5. Ouroburos
  6. When a snail Falls in love
  7. Love me if you dre
  8. The Devil/Mauou - Korean/Japanese version
  9. Day and Night
  10. White christmas

Others that were not mentioned:

  • Mr.Brain
  • Conspiracy of Court
  • Sirius
  • Evil Minds
  • Vampire Prosecutor
  • Gods Gift
  • crisis
  • Border
  • bloody Monday

This is my favorite genre so I have watched a ton of dramas and movies plus several European, American, Canadian and Australian 

✔️ Missing Noir M

✔️ Tunnel

✔️ Black

✔️ Suspicious Partner 

✔️ Day and Night 

✔️ Dr Qin Medical Examiner Season 1

✔️ Galileo (movies and TV show)

✔️ Evil Minds 

✔️ Love Me if You Dare 

✔️ Life On Mars 

✔️ Two Weeks

✔️ Mystery Queen Season 1

✔️ Bad Guys Season 1

✔️ Hidden Identity

✔️ Special Affairs Team TEN

✔️ God's Quiz (medical and crime) 

✔️ Flashback 

✔️ Cheo Yong 

✔️ Let's Fight Ghost 

✔️ Master's Sun 

✔️ Phantom (Ghost) 

✔️ Defendant 

✔️ Prison Playbook 

✔️ Kill Me Heal Me 

✔️ Hello Monster 

✔️ Children of a Lesser God 


✔️ Memoirs of a Murderer 

✔️ Inside or Outside

✔️ Veteran 

✔️ Private Eye 

✔️ Memories of Murder 

✔️ Accidental Detective 

✔️ Merciless

✔️ Runway Cop (remake of Miss Congeniality except a guy gets the makeover not a woman... Hilarious)

✔️ Swindlers (fraud) 

✔️ Forgotten 

✔️ Midnight Runners 

Let me see what I have watched so far.

99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi 

99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi  Season II

A Special Lady 

3 Days


Bloody Monday

Bloody Monday 2


Bitter Blood

Confession of Murder KR 

Confession of Murder JP

Crows Zero

Crows Zero 2

Fatal Intuition

Miss Sherlock




Remember – War of the Son

Ryusei no Kizuna

Signal KR

Signal JP



12 Citizens

38 Task Force

Crisis: Kouan Kidou Sousatai Tokusou-han

Galileo  series

A Midsummer's Equation

Criminal Minds

Lawless Attorney



Rinsho Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri 

Majo Saiban 

Higanbana - Keishicho Sosa Nana ka

Gap Dong



You should watch Stranger. It's near to perfection.

I LOVED STRANGER! Probably my favorite drama of 2017 HANDS DOWN!