Just as the title says, what was the last episode of an Asian variety show you watched.

For me it was The Genius Ep. 11.
Running Man ep 161 ^^
The Genius Ep. 12 (Final)
Barefoot Friend Ep 20
Running Man Ep. 162
Barefoot Friends ep 20. Only because my mother wanted to watch it.
1N2D - Gangneung, Gangwondo! Part - 2
The Genius Episodes 1 to 12 (Final) :D
Let's Go Dream Team...Ep.... I can't remember. It's the latest one in the KBS World YT channel.
Mamma Mia ep 19 it would have been Immortal Songs 2 ep 114 if the KBS World YT didn't block it in my country...
Hello Counselor - with BEAST
Cool Kiz on the Block - Taeneung Athletes' Village: Part 2
WIN (Who Is Next) ep. 3