Just finished The Story of Ming lan (AMAZING btw, definitely recommend), and although I love historical dramas they always break my heart with the endings. So I was wondering whether anyone knows any historical dramas (dm what country) with a happy ending, like Minglan or Princess Man ( I think). I feel that this is actually quite hard and would appreciate any recommendations , hopefully with a strong femal lead if possible...

moon embracing the sun (happy ending , child female lead was better than the old one)

100 days my prince (romcom , decent female lead, a bit similar to moon sun,happy ending)

story of yanxi palace (very strong female lead, ending depends on who you shipped )

general  and i (female lead is a strategist), happy ending)

  • Love in the Moonlight
  • My Only Love Song (time travel..prefer 2nd FL) 
  • Queen In Hyun's Man ( time travel) 
  • Scholar Who Walks the Night 
  • Arang and the Magistrate

Thanks so much @stevie70, @sofi1993 I'll definitely watch these... So many people have recommended yanxi palace so I'll start now, and I have lots more dramas to watch! X

  • +1 Love in the Moonlight
  • Sound of the Desert
  • The Story of Ming Lan
  • Sungkyunkwan Scandal
  • The Imperial Doctress
  • The Princess' Man
  • Lost Love in Times
  • Splash Splash LOVE
  • Ashi Girl