hey guys, I'm looking for a good revenge drama. My  favorite that I've watched and liked are, The Count of Monte-Cristo: Great Revenge, Ouroboros  and My Beautiful Bride  

So if anyone knows similar to these that would be much appreciated. thanks :)

  • Maou
  • Ryusei no kizuna
  • The quiz show 2
  • Cross
  • Lookout
  • I'm Sorry I love you

In addition:

  • Nirvana In Fire (China) - the best ever drama!!! 
  • The Devil / Lucifer (Korea) & Maou (Japan)
  • Kenja No Ai (Japan)
  • Healer (Korea)
  • Nine Times Travel (Korea)

not my fort, so the few I know usually aren't mostly about revenge and more romance with side of revenge.

Doctor Prisoner - airing now

Sword and Flower

Avengers Social Club - with a comic and women's power twist

The Story of Ming Lan - I liked it, historic, female protoganist seeking revenge and the male one too


Queen of the Game

Time Between Dog and Wolf

A Love To Kill

Bad Guy

I'm Sorry, I Love You

not exactly revenge buy maybe Defendant, LIFE (it's about bullying), Mad Dog, Kurosagi,  Cain and Abel, Green Rose,

nirvana in fire 

money flower