Must NOT be older than the ML, or spoiled-(although I did love search:WWW and Encounter). They don't even have to be successful in their career, they could just be wealthy etc. A bit weird to ask but I'm just so sick of rich man, poor woman dramas... or the unemployed FL character, desperate for a job from the rich CEO etc.. Doesn't matter what country... THANK YOU if you can think of any!!!

  1. My Husband Oh Jak Doo  She's not rich, but she is who employed him as I remember
  2. Cheer Up, Mr. Kim! She's rich and he is not.
  3. Across the Ocean to See You 
  4. Old Boy 


  • Ugly Alert
  • Lovers in Prague
  • Khun Chai Pawornruj
  • Angel's last mission : love (The FL is wealthy and a successful ballerina / CEO- not currently due to an injury) 
  • Hotel del Luna (The FL is wealthy and runs a hotel, but she's like 800 years older) 
  • Hello monster (The FL is a successful policewoman) 
  • High Society
  • Kill me Heal me
  • Take care of the young lady
  • Touch yor heart
  • Takane no Hana
  • 20th century boy and girl
  • Live up to your name

Thank you so much guys!!

  • Her Private Life
  • Kekkon Dekinai Otoko
  • Love Shuffle
  • Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi

I just finished watching “Big Issue” and it pretty much fits of what you are looking for. Also try “Yongbal” one of the best female leads in drama i have ever seen.

  • All is Well (Chinese version) (successful in career)
  • Angel's Last Mission: Love (born wealthy)
  • That Winter the Wind Blows (born wealthy)
  • It's Okay That's Love (she's successful but still in debt. ML is rich here)