I need some recommendations of good J-dramas with the romantic genre! 

It should necessarily be romantic comedies but melodramatic ones are fine too. I'm looking for a jdrama with decent comedy and sizzling chemistry between the leads. Also, I would like a drama where there is a decent amount of romantic scenes. Not necessarily kissing scenes, though. (some jdramas take FOREVER for the leads to finally have a romantic scene... I don't want that.)

Sorry for being picky, but I really am looking for a drama like that. If you know some, please feel free recommend them to me!

Hmm your expecting a lot from a jdrama as they usually dont do movies and shows like that (from what I have seen).  It more about the journey to the romance, how bad do you want to be with that person, defining you know they are the one.  Looking over my romance list (https://mydramalist.com/list/73DnmZk1)

Good morning call +Our campus days is cohab from the beginning, even though they are not together there are some moments.

5-ji Kara 9-ji Made  - he is chasing her, she is running from him but he is so adorable that yeah even yamapis wooden acting doesnt ruin this )plus bonus waterfall scene..while they are not together till the end you feel the romantic tension and his overflowing love.

Buzzer Beat
   has some of the most romantic gestures in it but it takes a few episodes to get there Once he gets trapped in her bed room it just gushes...but this one may take too long for you.

The rest take time to set up why they are perfect for each other and set up great foundations for love and not so much romance.

  • We married a s a job
  • From 5 to 9
  • Pride
  • Buzzer Beat
  • Tatta hitotsu no koi
  • It's not that I can't marry but I don't want to
  • Love shuffle
  • Last Cinderella (more of a "dramatic" drama than a romcom, though)
  • Love and Fortune (not a romcom, the relationship is not exactly healthy and might be off-putting for some)

Just like OldAnimeLady said, your requirement of sizzling chemistry and how the couple should hook up earlier in the drama is kinda tricky because in a lot of Jdramas I've watched, even if the leads do have sizzling chemistry, they're either a) only become a couple by the end of the story, or b) break up eventually, or c) never become a couple.

(Sorry for finding this kind of late!)

+1 for Pride
Long Vacation (admittedly there's not a TON of romance here, but the chemistry is amazing and the scenes we do get are pretty wonderful)
I'm also watching Tokyo Alice and I think it could be interesting for you. Don't be put off by the friendship only sounding premise: this is probably as close to Sex and The City as jdrama gets with lots and lots of romantic scenes, steamy scenes etc plus lots of funny stuff to put the com in romcom

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+2 for Pride

Bara No Nai Hanaya 

Rich Man Poor Woman

Proposal Daisakusen 

Good Morning Call