Could somebody please reccomend me some Korea dramas where two guys are fighting for the same girl. I am NOT talking about those SLs " I love her, but she loves another, so I will not bother", I  want to see a full on fight for the girl's heart. Some examples:

The Heirs

Empress Ki

Cunning Single Lady

The Greatest Love

Go Ho's Starry Night

When a Man's in Love

Extraordinary You

I know this might look quite unusual, as most people seem to look for dramas without a love triangle, but I just love watching two guys fighting over a girl.

Thank you. 

  • Hana yori dango / boys over flowers
  • The master's sun
  • Cheese in the trap
  • Delightful girl Choon Hyang
  • Go back couple
  • Goong
  • Mary stayed out all night

jelausy Incernate - as the name says - it is about Jelausy  between two guys (friends) :)

You Who Came From The Stars

Fated To Love You

(Mostly it seems that the FL is oblivious that the 2ML thinks of her romantically.)