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For those of us who are visually challenged; a dark coloured website theme would be nice. I am finding it really hard to look at the website now without getting a full on headache because of all the white so would be nice to have a choice. 

Vote if you think this would be a nice addition to MDL. :)

To me the look of MDL is part of its charm...
I'll add a vote for this. I have bad eyesight too, and the white background is making things difficult to read. On mobile, it makes it even harder to read. 
Juniko: The look is not the problem. The new design is great. Its the colour scheme. Before the the update while not ideal it was manageable, but now it really isn't at all. So much white on websites like this has adverse affects on a lot of those with vision problems including myself. I have a light sensitivity & struggle with brightness. So much white unfortunately gives me a headache & makes it hard for me to read anything clearly which means I cannot browse MDL comfortably. 
Just a temporary solution for people like you that have vision problems: it seems a lot of people have such problems, so there are apps that fix it. If you google "how make websites dark" for example, you'll find a few solutions. For example, here's a google chrome extension that makes websites dark. Or if you're on a mac, you can use the ctrl + cmd + option + 8 shortcut to invert colors (unless you're on mavericks, for which it's cmd + option + f5)

Thanks. The extension helps a fair bit for the laptop Not perfect since it doesn't work on my phone which I use a lot to browse MDL but it's better than nothing.
lol i'm on dilemma xD
I think a darker theme would be good to used bcs sometime i browse the page at night (like now) and my sister is sleeping like right next to me, and i know it might bother her somehow
but this blue-ish theme is sooo MDL it would be weird if it was changed :(
nevertheless I gave this a vote lolol
Hessa Volunteer Staff
I would vote for this but I have no points.
I want to help fellow MDLs. This is just a small change that would make a big difference for some people.
Let's trying sharing this, so more people vote and it gets implemented.
The would not change the white theme, just introduce a new one that is darker.
I'll vote for it! .... I like it now..... but if there's an option that could help others, why not!
This would be immensely helpful.
Bump. Idk but the chrome extension is not free :/, atleast for me
Dark Reader for Chrome. It's free and inverts brightness values without inverting the colors. You can also adjust brightness and contrast filters and other stuff to make pages more lookable at.

I do not have vision problems but I hate staring at white screens too in general (like on other websites when they can't load I see a completely blank page and it just annoys me for some reason). This new website layout is more blinding than the previous version >_>

@xcrystalstarx Yes I was really disappointed that this suggestion didn't get implemented, and on top of it this one is more blinding color-wise as well as having more random stuff all over the screen.  I think I'm going to have to try limiting my MDL time to 5 minutes a day for now and see if I can handle it before I try to increase.  If not I may actually have to leave.