PTW: Dramas (Alternative list)

ElliShrax Sep 24, 2018

Dramas I would really love to watch but can't for various reasons. 

  • Only partially subbed or not 100% complete yet. 
  • Has not aired yet & don't know whenever it will be picked up for subbing. 
  • Subbed but no working DDL/TOR links available.
  • No legal streaming available via ROKU or Chromecast on channels such as Crunchyroll, DF, Funimation, VIKI, Netflix, Viewster, Amazon Prime, YouTube or any other means available in the UK. 
  • Subs/Videos found are terrible/unwatchable quality. 
  • Subs are in styled ASS instead on non-styled ASS or SRT format.
  • Subs available are hardsubbed & too small for me to see. (Usually Chinese Dramas)

Titles will be moved from this list to my regular PTW once they are 100% subbed & available in a format I can watch!

If you happen to know where I can find any of these with English/French subtitles via DDL, TOR or legal streaming available in the UK please send me a PM. I'd really appreciate it