Movies Completed: 2015

Downfall (Germany) 

Big Hero 6 (US) 

PK (India) 

Deliver Us From Evil (US, 2006) 

Mary & Max (Aus) Amelie (France) 

Trainspotting (UK) The Help (US) 

Interstellar (US) 

A Beautiful Mind (US) 

Inception (US) 

Cinderella (US) 

Home (US - animation) 

The Vow (US) 

The Blind Side (US) 

500 Days of Summer (US) 

The Hunt (Denmark) 

Inside Out (US - animation) 

Rosemary's Baby (US 1968) 

Silver Lining's Playbook (US) 

The Adjustment Bureau (US) 

A Clockwork Orange (UK) 

Citizenfour (US) 

Jurassic World (US) 

Frozen (US) 

The Drop Box (US/UK) Documentary film 

Changeling (US) 

The Imitation Game (US) 

Guang (Malaysia) short film 

Star wars VII 

Anime movies:

Princess Kaguya 

From up on Poppy Hill 

When Marnie Was There 

Barefoot Gen

Winnie Jan 1, 2015
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