Lee Dong Gun

Emmanuel Lee


  • First Name: Emmanuel
  • Family Name: Lee
  • Native name: 이동건
  • Also Known as: 李東健, Lee Dong Geon
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: July 26, 1980
  • Age: 38

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Emmanuel Lee

Lee Dong Gun

  • Name: Lee Dong Gun
  • Native name: 이동건
  • Given name: Lee Emmanuel
  • Also Known as: 李東健, Lee Dong Geon
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: July 26, 1980
  • Age: 38
Lee Dong Gun, born July 26, 1980 in Kang Nam, Seoul, South Korea, made his debut in 1998 as an actor and singer. However, he has long since given up his singing career. Lee once stated that his singing career was like a wheel; sometimes he's up and sometimes he's down, and if it were not for his successful acting career, he would have already left the entertainment business.
He was enrolled in the Department of Theatre and Cinema at Hanyang University but was recently expelled for his low attendance record.
It is speculated that Lee is somewhat fluent in Japanese because he has repeatedly used the language while acting in "Friends" (2002) and "Stained Glass" (2005).
Lee decided to take a break from acting in 2006 claiming he felt overwhelmed with his workload in both television and film. He resumed his acting career in 2007.
Lee Dong-gun was dating Han Ji-Hye, his costar from "Sweet 18" and "My Boyfriend is Type B" but their highly publicized relationship ended after 4 years. But they were told to work only forgetting the past.
At 1 AM on March 20, 2008, Lee Dong Gun's 19 year old brother, a student at Sydney University, was fatally stabbed in an incident involving two groups of men beneath the World Tower in Sydney, Australia. Another 20 year old man was critically injured. Lee Dong Gun left for Sydney to identify his brother's body.
Lee enlisted for his mandatory military service in June 2010 for 21 months of active duty and was appointed Honorary Ambassador of Military. He was discharged on 28 March 2012. Also on the same day, he was appointed promotional ambassador for the 2012 Korean Formula One Grand Prix being held at the Korea International Circuit in October.
In November 2012, Lee signed on exclusively with FNC Entertainment, who will manage his future activities, and comeback project.
In May 2015, Lee Dong Gun and Park Ji-yeon first met when they were cast to star in the Korea-China collaborative film Encounter, where the two play a couple. They revealed their relationship to the public just a month after they had started dating. In February 2017 the couple broke up. On February 28, 2017, Lee Dong-gun and his co-star in Laurel Tree Tailors Jo Yoon-hee are confirmed to be dating. On May 2, 2017, Lee announced that he had legally registered his marriage with her and expecting their first child.
Year Title # Role Rating
2018 Where Stars Land
Korean Drama, 2018, 32 eps
Seo In Woo (Main Role)
Seo In Woo
Main Role
2018 Sketch
Korean Drama, 2018, 16 eps
Kim Do Jin (Support Role)
Kim Do Jin
Support Role
2017 Queen for Seven Days
Korean Drama, 2017, 20 eps
Yi Yoong (Main Role)
Yi Yoong
Main Role
2016 The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop
Korean Drama, 2016, 54 eps
Lee Dong Jin (Main Role)
Lee Dong Jin
Main Role
2016 Hello Mr. Right
Chinese Drama, 2016, 24 eps
Zhou Yu Teng (Main Role)
Zhou Yu Teng
Main Role
2015 Super Daddy Yeol
Korean Drama, 2015, 16 eps
Han Yeol (Main Role)
Han Yeol
Main Role
2013 Marry Him If You Dare
Korean Drama, 2013, 16 eps
Kim Shin (Main Role)
Kim Shin
Main Role
2008 Star's Lover
Korean Drama, 2008, 20 eps
Eun Young's friend (Ep.20) (Guest Role)
Eun Young's friend (Ep.20)
Guest Role
2008 When It's At Night
Korean Drama, 2008, 17 eps
Kim Bum Sang (Main Role)
Kim Bum Sang
Main Role
2007 If In Love Like Them
Korean Drama, 2007, 4 eps
Jung Tae (Main Role)
Jung Tae
Main Role
2006 Smile, Again
Korean Drama, 2006, 16 eps
Ban Ha Jin (Main Role)
Ban Ha Jin
Main Role
2004 Stained Glass
Korean Drama, 2004, 18 eps
Han Dong Joo / Yuichi Yamamoto (Main Role)
Han Dong Joo / Yuichi Yamamoto
Main Role
2004 Lovers in Paris
Korean Drama, 2004, 20 eps
Yoon Soo Hyuk (Main Role)
Yoon Soo Hyuk
Main Role
2004 Sweet 18
Korean Drama, 2004, 16 eps
Kwon Hyeok Jun (Main Role)
Kwon Hyeok Jun
Main Role
2003 A Problem At My Younger Brother’s House
Korean Drama, 2003, 121 eps
Park Sang Goo (Support Role)
Park Sang Goo
Support Role
2003 Sang Doo, Let's Go To School
Korean Drama, 2003, 16 eps
Kang Min Suk (Main Role)
Kang Min Suk
Main Role
2003 Forever Love
Korean Drama, 2003, 49 eps
Lee Kwang Shik (Support Role)
Lee Kwang Shik
Support Role
2002 Ring Ring
Korean Drama, 2002, 2 eps
Ha Tae Hoon (Main Role)
Ha Tae Hoon
Main Role
2002 Ruler of Your Own World
Korean Drama, 2002, 20 eps
Han Dong Jin (Main Role)
Han Dong Jin
Main Role
2002 Friends
Japanese Drama, 2002, 4 eps
Park Kyung Joo (Support Role)
Park Kyung Joo
Support Role
2000 Three Friends
Korean Drama, 2000, 58 eps
(Guest Role)
Guest Role
1999 Kwangki
Korean Drama, 1999, 36 eps
Lee Dong Wook (Main Role)
Lee Dong Wook
Main Role
Year Title Role Rating
2020 Encounter
Chinese Movie, 2020,
(Main Role)
Main Role
2007 Changing Partners
Korean Movie, 2007,
Park Yeong Jun (Main Role)
Park Yeong Jun
Main Role
2005 My Boyfriend Is Type-B
Korean Movie, 2005,
Yeong Bin (Main Role)
Yeong Bin
Main Role
2002 Family
Korean Movie, 2002,
Ha Yeong Cheol (Support Role)
Ha Yeong Cheol
Support Role
TV Show
Year Title # Role Rating
2018 Happy Together: Season 4
Korean TV Show, 2018, 0 eps
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