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Behind my laptop


Behind my laptop

So, I have had the same little explanation about me and my drama-addiction here since I started the site, and i figured it was time for a change. I have seen so many great profile descriptions with the most amazing and creative designs, comments on drama's and funny little quickie quotes and jokes, which I am now attempting to recreate.

I thought I would've already got over this lifestyle by now. The lifestyle of a 'Drama Junkie', but alas, four years later and I am still as fond of my first finished drama as I am of my currently watching one. 

Oh so many emotional roller coasters I have been on, oh so many dreams I have had about the romantic or scary characters and actors, oh so many many laughs I have had over the most ridiculous situations, and oh how I have learned time and time again oh so many new details, happenings, and behavioural aspects of Korean culture. 

I love it. If it were a blanket I would wrap myself in it. If it were Soju I would drink until I was slammed. If it were ddeokbokki, I would eat it, and if it were a person I would loudly yell "YAH!" so it would turn around, walk towards it and kiss it (Well, I'd prefer it the other way around, I'm hopelessly romantic in that way).



You Who Came from the Stars

Go Go Jun Ji Hyun! I didn't even recognise her from *yes I knoo, I am terrible for knowing her not from My Sassy Girl or Il Mare (which I have both seen and have put in a special place in my heart)* Blood: The Last Vampire. *IT WAS MY ANIME PHASE OK?*. She plays her snobby arrogant rich actress part, perfect! Brilliant, just brilliantly hilarious. I just want to go on an on about how I just hate *in the "OMG I am soo jealous of her" way* her guts, and find her disgusting *in the disgustingly beautiful way*, but I won't. I'll just leave you with this small rant, because I want to say something about the directing.

Genius! Just, so incredibly genius how you capture the audience attention by beginning the episode with a major scene, and then being like *super big flashbaaaack*. I was just watching the whole episode with so much attentiveness, because I just wanted to capture those small hints, and then you just do it again at the end of the episode with the little bits after the credits. Director, you get my kudos.

Finally, just a small addition to this ode to the fun drama I am watching. The hotness and personification of God, who is called Kim Soo Hyun. You, my friend, are adorable and sexy at the same time. God.

*and the kissscenes are A-maaaaa-zing* Woodhouse! Call the Blue House and get me the next episode!

Yup, I am a total Lee Min Ho fangirl, from the start. He was my first k-actor crush (not my first Korean boy crush T.O.P. <3 4LIFE!) In my mind, this drama will forever be perfect. I will never ever ever re-watch it, since it will most surely not give me the same feeling, satisfaction and awe, when I now actually understand Korean culture. But nonetheless, this one. This one is a special one.

I know it's cliché and immature to dream about a rich Lee Min Ho to come to my rescue and take me away on a helicopter ride towards some island in Bali, but that was my dream when I was 14, and I will cherish that dream, for it kept me sane through my first *immature and dumb* teenage boyfriend-relationship. 


The drama's that deserved a ten (after I watched them, and keep in mind that us people can be very very emotional after finishing a part of their life, uuh, I mean a drama):

Queen In Hyun's ManSouth Korea20121016
The Bridal MaskSouth Korea20121028
I Hear Your VoiceSouth Korea20131018
The Moon that Embraces the SunSouth Korea20121020
Reply 1997South Korea20121016
*in no particular order*

I stand by my choice to give them all a ten. I liked them, I liked the feeling they gave me, I liked the acting, I liked the plot and I also liked the fact that they meant something to me in a certain significant moment in my life. They may have not been the most astonishing and brilliant pieces of drama-art, but they were special. However, my most favourite one?

I'd say it would be:
Reply 1997 <3

This one could do nothing wrong for me. I loved every aspect of it. The friendships, the unrequited romance stuff, the awkward teenage moments, the fangirling, the relationship problems, the fighting but loving parents and the fact that no matter how much you think you screwed up, in love it will always work out. 

The same with the 1994-version, the friendships were the most beautiful thing in this drama. It gave me the feeling I was 15 again, when the only thing that was important was where we should hang out after school, and what sort of dumb activity we should be doing until 6.30, when my mom would call me yelling that I should have been home half and hour ago. It reminds me of my first real love, my first real friends and just the plain dumb fun we had together, before the stress of school and grown-up life came, and I had to stop playing and start studying. I miss that time, and this drama gave it back. Thanks writers, eventhough it's just 4 years, it feels like a lifetime ago, and you made me go back in time.

My previous addiction:
Na Jeong <3 Chilbong

But I am terrible. I am also a big fan of this couple:
Sseureki <3 Na Jeong

Writers are the worst! The whole damn drama is a big cliffhanger... Well, either way the outcome was sweet and fun, and actually the drama wasn't  about some silly love story, but about friendship. It gave me a warm feeling inside whenever one of the guys did something "just because were friends", and the drama showed you the most pure forms of love. Not first love, but the love between friends, who will always be there for you, when you expect it and even if you don't. I finished the drama with a small tear, and a feeling of.. gratitude. I just felt thankful to the writers, because they showed me how a family is not only blood-related, but family are the people you care about. Thank you writers, for making me feel less alone and more grateful for the friends I have.

I will be adding some more stuff here in the future (like a list of great romantic-comedy movies, *them hidden gems*, actor biases (and things you should not watch because of them or it will screw you up hard), my actual smart comments on how dramas are filmed (I am a major cinefile, and do have some knowledge and interest in and about things other that how cute actors are),  and some other stuffies. 

Send me a friend request if you want, I am always open to be totally fangirling or have a super deep discussion about acting skills, cinematography and plotfailstwists.

Yours sincerely,
AB ~


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