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Hello everyone! 


My name is Carla.


I started out with dramas almost 12 years ago and they not only serve as a form of entertainment, but also as an inspiration in what I do and want to do, in the future. Dramas are a fun way to learn a bit about the Asian culture and this website helped me in staying organised (due to various list formation, discussion functions etc)!


My aim has always been to spread Asian dramas to more and more people because TV culture does not limit only to Western sitcoms and hence, its amazing to be a part of such a big fan following of something I like as well. I joined MyDramaList in 2013, and since that day, I've made friends who share the like mindedness (drama-telepathy? lol)! My other equally important goals, of-course, includes meeting Song Joong Ki (is that what the kids call, ultimate bias or BAE?)


(Lol, can't kiss Joong Ki now as he's going to marry soon lol)

My drama watch list limits to only Japanese, Korean and Chinese dramas/movies for now, and soon I hope to start watching Thai ones as well (please guide me well!). Also, as a side note, I have lived in Japan for quite some time now and also have travelled to South Korea, so if anyone wants to discuss and be friends (travel/language tips etc), be it in Japanese or English (I'm currently learning Korean, at a very slow pace TT so I might not be able to communicate well in it), please do not hesitate to comment! On that note, lets continue to dwell into the world of drama land!! 


Picture Credits - Kdramareasons at Tumblr. 


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