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Princess Jellyfish
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by Osaka

Apr 12, 2016
Overall 6.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
When the japanese movie scene run out of plot or new and thrilling ideas they just jump on the safe boat : Live actions. In this case, I think that Kuragehime ( just like a lot of other live actions adaptations) shouldn't had become a movie. I'm a huge fan of the anime so when I found that it was going to get a live action adaptation I was so exited. Unfortunately, I found this movie boring to the core. The only diamond here is Suda and his acting. The crazy and beautiful thing about Kuranosuke is that he's actually a straight guy who just love to wear girl's clothes. Even if he's wearing a dress or a wig, he's a boy. He can both talk like a boy or a girl, but he's definitely a straight guy. Just like some drag queen who just wear sparkling clothes without being gay or anything. Kuranosuke is basically a kind of modern and young drag queen. His character was well portrayed and , trust me, he's the only reason to watch this adaptation. But, obviously, if you didn't read the manga nor watch the anime you can find this movie enjoyable. But, unfortunately, I have watched the anime so It was quite hard watching this movie till the end without falling asleep in the middle. The plot it's the same, but now I'll tell you what made me dislike this movie so much. The lead actress and her horrible acting while playing Tsukimi. Tsukimi is a shy, innocent , nerd girl. You can not fall in love with her, because she's a ball of sunshine and her cuteness just makes you cry while cuddling a stuffed Jellyfish. Her beautiful personality it's a great match with Kuranosuke's one, who's hype and shining. Talking about the lead actress, she didn't make me feel any of those characteristics said before. Her acting was plain, her voice's tone gave me chills down of my spine, but in a bad way. Probably people would say that it's mean saying that an actress can't act. But, in my opinion, when it comes to actors, just like singers, you have to leave aside your feelings for an actor and just judge objectively its performance. In this case, Nounen Rena did an awful job. Why am I saying this? Because I know her from “Hot road” and she has done the same afwul performance even in that movie. She wasn't the right choice for this role, she was totally overshadowed by Masaki Suda. Another good thing about this movie ( The good things about this movie are just TWO single points on my list) is the group of the “Amars.” Skilled actress, funny and adorable. They had the magical power to bring those characters to life. Talking about the director, I knew it from the start that I shouldn't had trust him with this adaptation. I know him from LDK, movie that I rated 4 because, leaving aside Kento's cute face, was a totally bore. I'll just finish up this review, if I may call it like that, by saying that if you love Suda, you definitely have to watch it. But, if you are a fan of the anime, I think you will be a little bit disappointed by it.
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