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Hi! I'm a girl who loves reading and learning about Asian cultures and history :) I've been a fan of Asian dramas for a long time and watched them through my teenage years instead of the local stuff they showed on TV. I like all sorts of shows but the historical genre is my ultimate fave.

I rate shows based on how I feel right after watching. My taste and tolerance for certain tropes have naturally changed over time. You can check out my favorites list for a more accurate and concise list of my ultimate faves.

First Japanese Drama: Dragon Zakura (sadly, I barely remember it -that was around 2006- though I do remember liking it a lot)
First Korean Drama: Goong (I've watched it many, many times since that first time. Though I know now that it's not the best drama made ever, it has a special place in my heart for being my first K-drama)
First Taiwanese Drama: Hana Kimi remake (a little meh but still likable)
First Chinese Drama: Startling By Each Step (I'm glad I picked this because it was both beautiful and sad)

Drama Challenge:

No drama challenge for 2019 either. It's been a rough couple of years for me, drama-wise. I've lost patience/interest in so many shows. So I'd just be happy to watch something all the way through. So far: 6/? - Last watched drama: The Untamed (8.5/10).

Previous drama challenges: 

3/? - 2018

10/18 - 2017 

20/20 - 2016

18/15 - 2015

22/30 - 2014

30/30 - 2013


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