They're tall, I'm happy. For sure I'd watch their work. :P

Like I said already, everyone of us has some fetish and something they prefer the most in some guy(girl)-actor(actress). I personally LOVE TALL GUYS. It's such a turn on for me (beside voice which is second important thing) and although shallow I choose sometimes to watch some drama or movie only cause a tall guy I like is there. ;) All these guys are 184 cm and taller. I'm 180 cm tall so the guy has to be at least 4,5 cm taller. :P p.s. Exceptions are everywhere, my fav.actors are mostly Japanese and they're all short, well 97% of them for sure. Still I am obsessed with some of them despite their "height". ;) ♥
DragonAlien Nov 16, 2016
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