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☆ Sweden ☆


☆ Sweden ☆

Welcome to my profile 

I was first introduced to asian dramas & movies in 2011.

My friend asked if we could watch an episode of Faith together, 
and that was it, I was hooked on this thing called "k-drama." ➳♥

Naturally I went on to j-drama and stumble upon
1 Litre of Tears – which made me cry A LOT!

I realized there was a whole new world out there of
dramas & movies I never would have thought of otherwise.
And that is how my asian drama addiction began.  (°◡°♡)

My First...

Korean movie: A Werewolf Boy– forever one of my favorites <3

Japanese movie: My Rainy Days
Chinese drama/movie: Love Me If You Dare / Mulan
Taiwanese drama/movie: Autumn's Concerto
Hear Me
Thai drama/movie: Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match / Present Perfect

I NEVER rate a movie or drama I've dropped or haven't finished yet.
Because I don't think it's fair when I haven't seen the whole thing.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

After completing a movie or drama I can sometimes raise the score with 0.5.
Because I also rate how memorable a movie or drama is by how long after & often I remember it.


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