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The Sunshine State!


The Sunshine State!

Haiii, I'm Arianah, but you can call me Ana ^^

I love all types of dramas equally, but I've watched kdramas 

the most. All the actors I like can be adorable, but can also 

play dangerous characters (which makes them sexy, oh ho ho) 

I don't know what makes me choose the actresses I like. 

My first drama ever was Boys Over Flowers so it holds a special

place in my heart. First tdrama was Autumn's Concerto; first 

jdrama was Hana Yori Dango. My favorite genres are revenge, 

makeover, love-hate relationships, bad boys, and 

contract relationships (hah there's more but I'll spare you)

Basically how I feel about Song Joong Ki 

leaving for the military for 2 years 

(in which Joong Ki Oppa is the flower) 


He's just so adorkable, ya know? Gonna miss seeing him in stuff lots ಥ_ಥ
In which Arianah poorly edits a picture of herself

kissing Jaejoong (-_\)


Currently flipping out over + anticipating these dramas:

The Prime Minister and I ♥

Bel Ami/Pretty Boy

My Love From Another Star

Look guise! I started a review-ish blog!

add me! also follow me on twitter ♥ let's fangirl together, ana~


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