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 I watch dramas for the emotional intensity that I think can sometimes be hard to find in western media. If the drama can give me pure angst without pulling any punches, I am here for it.

I'm a complete sucker for romance and at the same time it's a thing that can irritate me the most about the drama/movie (ya know girl gotta have her standards :P). The first drama that I've watched was Hana Kimi (2007) but the one that really hooked me and established my eternal love for Korean Dramas was You are Beautiful. And I've been watching dramas since 2011(bloody hell the time flies).

I also love what I call “high concept dramas”. Basically, they have a one clear (mostly fantasy) idea and they explore the consequences of it on characters’ lives.

I could describe them as “ What if” scenarios:

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017) – What if there was a cute woman with super strength.

I hear your voice (2013) – What if a boy who reads thoughts met a lawyer.

He is psychometric (2019) – What if there was a boy who sees memories through touch .


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