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I'm a complete sucker for romance and at the same time it's a thing that can irritate me the most about the drama/movie (ya know girl gotta have her standards :P). The first drama that I've watched was Hana Kimi (2007) but the one that really hooked me and established my eternal love for Korean Dramas was You are Beautiful. And I've been watching dramas since 2011 so I'm still a youngster in drama world but no longer a Maknae :P

I'm not the best at writing witty introduction so here is a list of my favorite stuff:

  1. 1.Peanut butter
  2. 2.G-Dragon
  3. 3.Psychology
  4. 4.Being lazy ( okay, so i don't particularly enjoy it but i sure do it a lot :P)


But now on to a real shit :


I watch mostly Korean Dramas but from time to time something from other countries also gets on my radar. My favorite type is what I call a "dark romance" full of mystery and intense feelings :P. But to be honest what I will watch depends the most on my mood.

Choosing a favourite drama is ultra hard. I feel like a mother duck having to choose her favorite duckling ( tendency for creating weird metaphors- my another personality trait ;P).




Male: Those guys ...besides having great acting skill thay also somehow make me lose complitly the ability to formulate coherent thoughts.


Female: They are gorgeous and talented and basically i wanna be them  <3.


After creating both of the photosets I realised that there is so much more people that I would want to .. the choice is hard :P


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