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Which Asian actor do I love most? Takeshi Kaneshiro
I have been his fan since I watched "House of Flying daggers" (2004). This i from "Red Cliff" (2008)

Currently watching:

The Untamed <3

Love better than immortality

Forever waiting for  The Wolf with Darren Wang - coming sometime in future....

My favourite dramas so far:

"Ten Miles of Peach Blossom"
Loved the cast and story of Ye Hua and Bai Qian. I have rewatched it 4 times, and rewatched ep30 about 25 times :D
"I'm not a robot"
Supercute drama about Kim Min-Kyu and Jo Ji-Ah/ Aji3. Great chemistry between them and both did an amazing job.
Ever night - season 1
This is a captivating drama with a good plot, great battle scenes, funny moments and amazing cast. Who will find the child of Hades?
One of the best Korean dramas I have watched. Ever. Both couples are charming and lovable.
Legend of Fu Yao
Exciting story, beautiful action scenes, a lot of plots. Perfect chemistry between Fu Yao and Wu Ji which makes me smile and feel their love.
"Strong woman Bo Bong-Soon"
Fun story about Do Bong-Soon with natural strength and CEO Ahn Min-Hyuk. Great chemistry and definately worth your time
"Hwarang" - enjoyed watching these guys having fun in Korea's first military school *_*  
(and ignore Go Ara's presence)
"A love so beautiful"
A very sweet love story throughout childhood into adult life. Innocent and beautiful.
Memories of Alhambra
When a game becomes reality, and people die as in real life, the owner of the game must be a part of the game to solve the mystery
Wonderful story about a n ordinary young man falling in love with an older rich woman, and what they have to endure for keeping their love.


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