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by TheTranquilKnight

Dec 4, 2013
Completed 11
Overall 3.0
Story 2.5
Acting/Cast 5.0
Music 1.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
Usually I write reviews if I love something very much or if something deserves more attention. But this time I'm writing because I've seen worst Asian movie of my life & also because this road movie came from the director whose movies I usually like...Kim Ki-duk. I liked almost all of his movies I've seen except Bad Guy and this... Believe me I can enjoy and admire art films but this is totally different case...there is nothing artsy. Story looked interesting from synopsis but there is nothing in the story. A girl trying to find a man & just walks around city then goes to another city and try to find man, walks more aimlessly, sleeps somewhere and again cycle repeats. During her journey something happens to her by a masked man (played by director himself). Director explained that masked character, still it's pointless character. Handheld camerawork is extremely irritating. I've seen handheld camerawork in 1-2 more movies; those movies had something appealing in their filming but Amen's camerawork is just garbage. Crew of only two; one is actress and another one is director. Everything from camerawork to editing is done by ‘cine-expert’ Mr. Kim & actress (filming masked thief). Only positive aspect of movie is actress. Forgot her name but she’s really good. Kim Ki-duk's '3-Iron' is one of my favourite movies and now Mr. Kim registered his 'Amen' in my worst 10 movies ever! Overall 3 because of good acting of actress...
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