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My Mr. Mermaid chinese drama review
My Mr. Mermaid
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by Dramaaddict07
Dec 15, 2017
36 of 36 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 9.5
This show is amazing!! I have been wondering what show to watch recently and this popped up!

In terms of storyline, I read the novel before this drama came out and was drawn to the extremely cute plot. There are few changes here and there compared to the book but these changes only made it better and the show is as good as the book, or even better. No extreme ups and downs, no dramatic plot twists that make you truly hate any character in the show. The story is just marshmallow happiness that touches your soul and before you know it, you will be squealing and laughing along with the characters. It is truly a touching, happy show that shows how different points of view cause misunderstandings.

Acting is great too! I remember watching the female lead in various shows like Tornado Girl but the rest do not have much acting history and that honestly made me a little fearful to begin the show (In case it ruins the novel). But I was wrong!! They played their roles well and the chemistry was AMAZING <3! Regardless a sad, funny, or emotional scene, all the actors carried it well! And special mention to Yi Bai's parents for bringing so much joy :D!

Music was good too. I didn't really notice it at the beginning. But soon I found myself singing along when it played during the show HAHAHA. A truly fitting song for the drama!!

Lastly, for rewatch value, I believe it is a show that brings lots of joy in life. And definitely a show I will watch again to relive the fun times!

So to end it off, IF ANYONE IS CONSIDERING WHETHER THEY SHOULD WATCH, GO AHEAD!! Do not be turned off by the 30+ eps count. It will be over soon and make you crave for it to be even longer :(
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