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Where the Lost Ones Go chinese drama review
Where the Lost Ones Go
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by Dramaaddict07
May 8, 2018
24 of 24 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
This drama exceeds expectations. I have to admit, I struggled through the start of the first episode, turning my back on it a few times before I got hooked onto the show. At first glance, this drama looked like the typical school romance film with many cliches. But WOW. If you got stuck like me, PLEASE PLEASE JUST GIVE IT A CHANCE.

Firstly, the storyline was great. I cant say that it was REALLY TRULY very original, but the entire story was great. Everything flowed logically, and smoothly, no hiccups along the way. The drama will keep you hooked the entire time, as it switches from the past to the present. It kept me so intrigued that I just continued watching and completed the show in one seating HAHAH. The whole drama was done SO well. I know that the switch between past and present might be a little confusing for some, but I feel that it made the entire show even better.

Of course, the one that seals the deal to a perfect drama is the acting. I have watched many dramas and I did not recognise any actors in this show. Obviously, standards were then set low. But woah, the actors are perfect (ESPECIALLY THE MAIN LEADS). Personally, I felt that this show was an emotional rollercoaster and thankfully, the leads delivered their emotions well. Especially for the male lead Kris, his change was drastic, and he portrayed the difference so well. And props to him that he can act without any lines, just a look and it can get me into tears. :(

The female lead was so beautiful!! I must say the guy stole the show for me. But she did well to. She brought her character to life and she complemented Kris so well!! And their chemistry was amazing. I could literally feel their emotions and their love for each other throughout the show. The other characters also came to life! The supporting roles brought fun and smiles to the show :)

As for the music, you know that its good when you start humming along to the music when it comes on. HAHHA

To sum it up, PLEASE WATCH THE SHOW. I must say this is one of the most underrated shows I have ever watched. Before this, I was struggling to start watching any drama cause I felt that I couldnt be emotionally committed. But this drama made a good start to my drama craze again! Story is great, actors are better. It is so good that I cant get out of it to watch my next show properly HAHAHAH.
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