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Ask An Ahjumma ~ Spring Episode
Editorials - May 20, 2017

Looking for some recommendations this spring? Worry not! The Ahjummas have got you covered!

Ask An Ahjumma: J Suspense, Drama Slumps and Infidelity!
Editorials - Dec 17, 2016

Season 2: Episode 1- This episode, the Ahjummas give recomendations to combat a drama slump, suggest similar dramas to Liar Game and muse about how infidelity is portrayed in dramaland.

Ask An Ahjumma Season 2: Tired of Bad Jerk Leads? Best Korean Rom-Coms?
Editorials - Nov 5, 2016

A special episode of Ask An Ahjumma, featuring the questions sent in while the Ahjummas were on hiatus.

Ask an Ajumma
Editorials - Sep 2, 2015

This weeks edition of Ask an Ajumma has them looking for unexpected drama gems; listing Kdramas that will blow your mind, and much more!

Ask an Ajumma
Editorials - Aug 3, 2015

This month we tackle nicknames, sageuks, eating utenstils, love, and school drama

Ask an Ajumma
Editorials - Jul 1, 2015

The ajummas answer some more questions. Age respect in Korean culture, doppelgangers, Chinese drama, and more...

Ask an Ajumma
Editorials - May 30, 2015

This month we have a *very* serious question in addition to our usual light and fun questions.

Ask an Ajumma
Editorials - Apr 29, 2015

Our ajummas answer some more questions, including the big phone question!

Ask an Ajumma
Editorials - Mar 30, 2015

Bad boys, tear jearkers, and hanboks... Oh My! We have some definite posers this month.

Ask an Ajumma
Editorials - Feb 28, 2015

Our ajummas answer more questions: ears, names, Korean patriarchy, and what dramas to watch!

Ask an Ajumma
Editorials - Jan 31, 2015

The ajummas answer questions about food, marriage, and other drama subjects...

Ask an Ajumma
Editorials - Dec 31, 2014

Our Ajummas answer several more questions from MDL'ers including "How to get out of a drama slump?" and "What dramas would you not let your child watch?'

Ask an Ajumma #1
Editorials - Nov 30, 2014

MDL users have some fun and interesting questions for our Ajummas including, " What is the best way to rate a drama? "