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Hello! ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎

How I rate dramas:

10 – A drama experience like no other.
9 – Left a lasting impression on me, only a few minor flaws.
8 – Very good. 
7 – Good, but wouldn't go out of my way to recommend. 
6 – Fine (I probably strongly disliked a thing or two). 
5 – Boring, completely mediocre. 
4 – Bad, but not without some merit.  
3 – Very bad, barely watchable. 
2 – Complete waste of time. 
1 – Appalling.

I rate based on 60% enjoyment and 40% subjective assessment of specific drama or film features (e.g., story, acting, photography). I hate grey zones so I try to never give a .5 rating. If you should still find a drama in my list that I've rated .5-something then I've probably wallowed in indecision before finally clicking that submit button and moving on with my life. Dramas I would recommend are anything I've rated 8 and above. I rarely rewatch dramas, but 9 on my scale means a drama I can definitely see myself watching again.  


Things you should probably not know about me:

I have an unhealthy fascination with villains and anything dark and unpredictable.

My favorite genres and tropes include: gender-benders, human/non-human, sci-fic, thrillers, revenge, cohabitation, contract marriages, enemies-turned-allies or hate-to-love, moral dilemmas and social criticism.

Parent-child relationships are my ultimate Achilles' heel. Not many things can make me cry, but show me a sad drama involving a sad parent-child story, and I’ll cry you a waterfall.

I am both an old soul and young at heart, at the same time.

I have a bad habit of developing a crush or often times an obsession with fictional characters. My favorite fictional character of all time is Kazuya Mishima.

My favorite anime is Darker than Black. I have watched it more times than I can count.  

My drama pet peeves are: time skips, incredibly unintelligent female lead x incredibly intelligent male lead, convenient terminal illness, medical or scientific inaccuracy, mansluts.

This is me about 90% of the time. 10% of the time I’m an angel.

Current drama mood: Japanese
Currently listening to: 엔시티 유 NCT U - Baby Don't Stop [click]

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