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By the beach.


By the beach.

Can't wait for the next episode

I know this episode was supposed to be really serious, but I could not honestly focus on that aspect of this drama because I was too busy laughing my ass out at Song-yi's reactions. She thinks she is going insane... I love that bit because she wasn't that familiar with how she is feeling.

...and that last bit spin off scenario in this episode? I cracked up laughing. Now she's going crazy and had herself made a gold nail ring. LOL!
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Oct 25, 2013

Ender Bender

This was not a master piece in the first place, the drama lacked a lot of aspect in dramadom (my shortcut for drama-kingdom) it also fell short in a couple of place. But that would come out in my over all review for this drama later on.

This episode was such a sucker for fast pace. I detest the king for his actions, I like how the bad guys ended up. They deserved what were due to them, but there were still a LOT of unclosed issue and I hate that. There wasn't much closure for Jung-yi. They could have at least shown her in the end on how she was doing in japan as a ceramist. That was a major bummer for me.

As much as I enjoyed this episode - yeah I cried because I knew it was the end. It's still not something I would want to rewatch, but I am definitely recommending this to my old folks who are way much into sageuk more than I am. heh.

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Oct 5, 2013

Craving Satisfied.

I loved the ending. The Hong Sister outdid themselves again. wooohoooo...

Although they have used yet another cliche in their story, the skip the days into a year ahead - it didn't really feel that way. There were so many knots tied together, everybody had their happy ending, even Joong-won's aunt had one. I was so happy for her and her hubby. The cute!

The fact that Joong-won waited for our Gong-shil... *sigh* Happy ending at the most. yey! ^_^v
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Aug 25, 2013

Stressed out.

Jeez, I am seriously distressed with this episode. I hate the fact this happy moments between our main character's will not last.

Then I could not believe that Hye-sung is really falling for that dorky Kwan-woo. But I don't blame her as well because the guy turns into Lee Min Ho - City Hunter like: when he's defending someone in the courtroom. But then there's Su-ha who is doing everything in his power (mind-reading, money and martial arts skills) just to protect her. He's the guardian angel she never asked for. *sigh* I want one like him. Now.
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Aug 25, 2013

It's all about trust.

Watched all 6 episodes in one go and I am now hooked. ^_^

I like this episode specifically because of Gong-shil's new perspective in life. She's finally getting herself together because of the two men who has entered her crazy life!

Kang-woo aka Mr. Body guard is totally upping his game by inviting our heroine on a date-date. Totally ducking off Yi-ryung aka little sun's tricks to get him to date her instead. Then there's Joong-won aka Mr. Body shelter, who by the way is still not admitting to himself that he's already starting to like Gong-shil even with her ghost seeing eyes and weird personality of helping them move on despite being afraid out of her pants. To top all of the things I just mentioned, there's also the trust issue with Gong-shil in which Joong-won himself was caught off in admitting unconsciously.

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That feeling...

I love this episode for the main reason that true feelings of our main characters are finally revealed.

Initially, I thought that the feeling Arang first felt when she saw Joo Wal as a ghost was that of fear. At least now I'm in the clear and that she really loved the guy regardless of who or what he was.

So many confessions and heart breaking scene in this episode.
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Slow pacing...

This is the episode which I felt was slow paced. There were lots of mystery being uncovered, but it felt too tiring to watch. Watching Eun Oh run around looking for his mom, but end up in a well full of bones isn't actually my kind of scene. I miss the cute, the funny and the feel good vibe of this drama.

There's too much hocus-pocus going on for me to appreciate this episode to the highest level.
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With a BAM!

And just when things are getting crazy good, it just keeps getting better and better!

This episode is the perfect mix of emotion, thrill and most of all mystery. Now that Joo Wal's mysteriousness is revealed and the Shaman-virgin-eating-soul is also unveiled... yep. Things are definitely set on a roller coaster ride. Who would have thought that Eun Oh's mom would be a freaking soul eater? Raise your hand up in the air please!

A lot of things are showed in this episode - questions are answered but more questions pops up in return. It's like playing that whack-a-jack in the arcade, you whack one but more pops up. Annoying and yet you still enjoy it.

Though I have to agree with Arang, Eun Oh is such a shithead for being a mama's boy. (Apologies for the cuss word but I need the emphasis on this particular part of my frustration) For me, that's the only down side of his character. I love his nonchalant ways, the better-than-thou attitude but when the topic of why-did-mommy-leave-you suddenly comes up, he becomes all mopey and emotional. I hate that. It feels like he was so scarred emotionally by his mother as a kid. Yes he was treated like trash to be disposed to his father with no questions asked, but come on! He's got to keep his emotions intact and not cry all the time because of it. For a big guy like him, he should man up.

At least I could empathize more with Arang's case. She is dead. She was murdered. SHE DOES NOT REMEMBER A THING. What else could make things worse for her? Oh, yeah... the bargain that she would ROT and SUFFER in hell if she doesn't find her murderer before the 3rd full moon rises.

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Have I mentioned how I love the bickering of the 2 great Gods? Just so you know.

What's interesting in this episode? Finding out that Arang was brought back from the dead with REAL flesh and blood. Hence... SHE'S ALIVE!!! I initially thought she's just a ghost when she met up with Eun Oh again, but that's until Dolsoe saw her. THAT part was really surprising.

I seriously like the flow of this drama, it keeps me on my toes and there are so much more to the characters than what they seem to be. Now my curiosity for Joo Wal's own story has risen up compared to that from my comment on the previous episode. I'm suddenly rooting for the guy as well, never mind that he's supposed to be a baddie.

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Busted off my sleeping hours for 3 episodes!

SO far I am liking this show.

Although in this episode, I feel that having the body out at episode 3 is kind of pre-mature and fast. Then there's also the fact that Arang's body did not rot after 3 years. I mean... come on! This is a fantasy, we know that already but it should be at least be mixed with bits of realism. Her body should have been at least mummified or something. It's just weird that her physical body is so much intact. Dead yes, but still THAT beautiful after 3 years?

Setting aside that piece of observation, there are still a lot of unanswered question and I am still so DARN curious as to how Arang got the hair dress of Eun Oh's mom and not so much curious about Mr. Choi's son being a baddie or not. Why? Well... we already know for a fact that Mr. Choi's family is the antagonist, what else is there to be excited about? heh.

Off to Episode 4 now.

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