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The Master's Sun Episode 6

The Dog Appears in Joong Won's Dream

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Gong-shil plans to come clean with her secret to Kang-woo, but realizes it's impossible because he is terrified of ghost. Then a ghost dog not only follows Gong-shil but Joong-won as well. He wakes up from a dream, watching the dog dance to the song "Nobody But You". Now he is determined to find the owner, just so the dog won't enter his dreams ever again.
  • Aired: August 22, 2013

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Jun 1, 2014

The tears.

Most touching ghost story yet. What can I say, if there's a cute animal in it I'll probably cry. But really it's another well written ghost story. Oh, and with Nobody tossed on top, how could I not love it.

What's more is that the character development and plot is stepping up. (Maybe not the plot and answers, but it's clearly building.) Joong Won was A-mazing in this episode. While I may have deluded myself with who will win Gong Sil over, it's still so nice swooning between the to male "candy" (oh, I went there!).

Speaking of that build up all of those unanswered questions of what is the uncle really up to, Kang Woo what are you doing?, what really happened with Joong Won's kidnapping and so on. I love how all of these plot lines are building up, but I don't feel like anything is being dragged out. Bravo for great storytelling!

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Mar 6, 2014

Pil Seung :'(

This was so sad! How can they euthanize a dog just cause it was injured and they made him do it too!! Cried watching it!! Dog stories make me cry more than human ones aha!

Things are escalating so quickly! Joong Won already fallen for her and only ep6!
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Dec 21, 2013


I really loved the fantasy that Gong Sil has in the beginning about Kang Woo. his facial expression was hilarious during it.

Secondly, Kang Woo and Tae Ryung. I really want to see that happen. Even though she's kind of b*tchy, he's perfect for her.

Thirdly, what kind of messed up person makes a guy kill the dog he obviously cares a lot about. Seriously wtf?
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Sep 19, 2013


This episode was amazing, the first scene made laugh like crazy, the expression that Kang woo had while hugging her was priceless and the ghost clapping waah that was great
The dog's story made me cry it was so sad and touching so i loved it
And OMG will he really kiss her ?? i hope so but i don't think he will they always fool us by ending the episode like that and then nothing happens but i'm still exited to see what happens next, i love this drama
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Aug 25, 2013

It's all about trust.

Watched all 6 episodes in one go and I am now hooked. ^_^

I like this episode specifically because of Gong-shil's new perspective in life. She's finally getting herself together because of the two men who has entered her crazy life!

Kang-woo aka Mr. Body guard is totally upping his game by inviting our heroine on a date-date. Totally ducking off Yi-ryung aka little sun's tricks to get him to date her instead. Then there's Joong-won aka Mr. Body shelter, who by the way is still not admitting to himself that he's already starting to like Gong-shil even with her ghost seeing eyes and weird personality of helping them move on despite being afraid out of her pants. To top all of the things I just mentioned, there's also the trust issue with Gong-shil in which Joong-won himself was caught off in admitting unconsciously.

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Aug 25, 2013

can't wait!!!!

I can't wait for the next episode! So cute and so interesting!!!
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Aug 24, 2013


This episode was amazing. I really enjoyed the dog and the soldier story it was so sad, but I am glad it got solved. The ending ah!!! I wonder what is going to happen, and Kang Woo got exposed mhm...
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Aug 23, 2013

I was like O.O

Mr. CEO what are you about to do at the end???? ~kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! *screaming for more! lol!!
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Aug 23, 2013

So touching

this drama is amazing in lot of terms the previous episodes i screamed laughed and cried but this one is the most touching story so far that solider and dog relationship was just great i loved this episode story so much ! also i laughed lot thx to joong won ^^ i can tell nxt episode is going to be abt Love-denial but i wish they keep making amazing stories as today's story ^^ Great Drama !
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Aug 23, 2013

Trust and white lies

Joong Won showed a great improvement here. And to think he couldn't hide his revulsion for Gong Shil before but now he offers his hand to make her not see and walk away, then following her back to the building and THEN some more!

'But then sajangnim, the fact that you're coming with me even though you don't see it, that's called trust.'

I already like Gong Shil for her innocence and honesty and loved her more here because her good intentions draw him to her. I find it hilarious that he tries to shake it off and yet he can't help but fall.
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Aug 23, 2013


This episode was awesome!
He's jealous heheh
"I wish I could tell you to hold on to me to see if it helps." Brilliant!

Yi Ryeong found out about Kang Woo, what's gonna happen next!
I want the next episode RIGHT NOW!!

I laughed a lot of stuff in this episode~
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