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Land of Raspberries, White City


Land of Raspberries, White City

I'm relatively new to Asian dramas though I've read manga (and manhwa) and watched anime long before. I watched Fated to Love You three years ago I haven't watched anything after that until recently, except Kimi ni Todoke.

It was few moths ago that I started watching drama again with Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge which I didn't like very much, maybe because I read the manga and knew what's going to happen, but I decided to stick with it and the next one was You're Beautiful. It was okay and it made me a curious but then I started watching Coffee Prince and that cemented my fate as an addict.

I like drawing and digital painting. Often I do it while watching a drama, sometimes even paint actors. :D
If you are curious this is my tumblr with my art.

If you are curious why don't have 10s in my ratings that's because I want to give it to drama/movie that leaves me in awe with both artistic value and enjoyment experience. But so far I haven't seen anything like that. :(

My MDL articles:
Screenwriters Introduction: The Hong Sisters
Screenwriters Introduction: Kim Eun Sook


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