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Human Realm; Panicking about everything !


Human Realm; Panicking about everything !
Check Out the Event korean drama review
Check Out the Event
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by Enny
Sep 5, 2021
4 of 4 episodes seen
Completed 4
Overall 6.5
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 9.5
Rewatch Value 3.5

Is “Check Out the Event” worth checking out ??

Well I’ll leave you to decide if you wish to watch the drama or not ...also as you see I am writing this review so of course I’ll assist you in the decision making process (that goes only if you read further
Okiee so it’s a simple after breakup story where the FL after getting dumped asks ML to visit jeju island with her since they had won a couple competition and she requires some time so she can get a closure for their 5yr long relationship. At the trip they meet 2 other couples and a tour guide (SML) each of them having their own short story of which was really touching.

First of all lemme just break it to you the reason why ML wants to break up with her is quite a stupid one ….like seriously stupid !! (but his actions somewhere always made me feel that he loved her ….he did)

As for FL her actions were sometimes a bit unreasonable and cringy (while you ask for reason don’t even allow them to speak )...but it’s not that I find her unreasonable overall ...of course I can see why she’s clinging on to ML’s not like a 5 year long relationship can end with just a few words ...and I’d find myself more surprised if she did not cling on’s love can’t just let go like this …(keep up the fight ...our ML is quite handsome to just give up like this

The drama is just 4 ep I have tried to analyze it that way only ...cuz after watching so many long dramas you obviously expect everything related to every character even side characters ..but practically it’s not possible for a 4 ep drama to have it all for what they give is in these 4 eps is really good ….the story is centered around leads and they have most of the screen time but it’s not like the side stories weren’t well written or gave a feeling that they weren’t important …they contributed to the drama in a quite beautiful way.( I wish older couple had more screen time …)

I do not have much to mention for there's just this small plotline and everything revolves around it ...but I think the point that writer is trying to make is ….trust ,communication and transparency are important in a relationship …not having these can ruin it ...bring you to the point there’s no going back from. Keeping things from your loved ones ...assuming you are protecting them from hardship ...I don’t think that’s how love should be endure it together share happy and sad times together go through everything together ...that’s what relationships are for … It’s more about being together.... than just staying together…!

(sometimes the drama feels like it’s going round and round in circles ...but it’s actually what I like about it ...they have this same conversation time and again ....cuz neither of them wants it to end …so it could be either you find it beautiful or frustrating ...depends)

As for the ending ….I like the way they end and give a small closure to all the stories ...and I liked the closure for the second couples stories more than the main couple ...

It had amazing cinematography and ost ...acting was decent …some good dialogues ...overall worth a try if you ask me. And pls don’t expect out of the world stuff in just 4 eps realistic ...I am sure you’d enjoy it !!

And here maybe I am bribing you to watch it ...some amazing dialogues from the drama …

“You have always, invariably, without fail, meant hope to me.”
“This is how we live , being loved and loving ….hoping that the person in front of us doesn’t change their feelings.”
“Sometimes sad, sometimes longing and sometimes looking forward to the time to come if you were given homework of life from the moment you were born ….you solve it by being whole hearted in your way.”
"I never thought there would be nothing left of me just because you left."
“I think it was only after we broke up I realized I was loved ….I think it was only after we broke up that I learned how to love.”
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