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Ok, here it goes.

Back in 2007 I was completely immersed with the American TV series.. I was watching Gilmore Girls..Grey's Anatomy (this one is still goin strong with me), Heroes, House M.D.. all the good British stuff.. I was a fan of Russell Brand and Noel Fielding ..instead of concentrating on my studies at the uni, of course. 

It all started after I decided to take Japanese classes and got interested in watching anime (because my brothers were watching all sorts of stuff at home). After a while I got so well-versed in anime that I could have awesome chats with my little brothers and teach them a bit of Japanese. 

Well, in came my sister who told me to click on this link that directed me to japanese dramas. I think my first one was Zettai Kareshi and then Hana Yori Dango. Then came Buzzer Beat with my sister, which we finished in one night... I absolutely loved the story of Hana Yori Dango back then, which is why I ended up watching the Korean version. That made me fall in love with the language and the rest is history..

Now I've seen over 200 dramas and my love for kdramas is still going strong. I still occasionally watch jdramas and I dabbled in Twdramas. I used to love the silly in the kdrama. I still appreciate how they portray emotions - which is why I fell in love with kdrama. They do emotions so well. 

I usually rate my dramas according to how it managed to touch me. If it gave me lots of good emotions (even if it made me sad, but in a good way) I give them lots of points.. But I do appreciate good storytelling, great OST and even better acting - now that I know what good acting in kdrama really is :D

I can't stand makjang (most of the time) there are a couple of exceptions (Baker King, for example) - all it needs to do is to have good characters. 

I do enjoy watching noir, thriller, sageuk, romcom.. anything - you name it - as long as it has interesting and multilayered characters. If you add a misunderstood hero to the bunch I'm sold.

I also enjoy my variety shows every once in a while. I try to keep up with We Got Married and 2D1N, I enjoyed watching Superman Returns at some point,I also watch some Running Man every once in a while.. I do enjoy korean singing shows (SMTM is one of my favourites).

I also have a secret love for kpop, which most of the people (except my family and very close friends) will not know about me. I absolutely adore BTS and BigBang. I also listen to loads of korean hip hop and some indie stuff. Oh Hyuk is great, for example. 

Ok, I think I certainly forgot something. I'm not even trying to list my favourite actors/actresses because the list is endless and I will most certainly forget someone.. :D


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