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Hi I am (^___^)
 SWEETCARAMEL I would love to be your new buddy here in Mdl..Just free to add me as friend ^^
I love watching Asian drama since I was in my high school and now it's still my hobbies...
I need to stay late, at night just to watch my favorite show - sleeping is not in my vocabulary..
I am shy in real life, but I'm trying my best to overcome that and not to be awkward.~_~
I love words that Inspires, one of the reason why I watch drama, is to find words that give sparks :)
I Like to stay at home just watching, reading and eating to me that's the best comfort. ^^
I enjoy the sound of the rain outside my window  it makes my heart flutter and reminds me of life.
I Love to explore k-music..K-indie and k- rnb ( I love BB & 2ne1 - VIP and BJ here ^^)
I lately discovered that I love eating sushi and ramyun (drama influence)...
      Lastly...I love you, If you love drama too.. :)
              In this world everything can be close if there is something that attracted them.  .

         "A warm bowl of  Ramen is the best food  to eat while watching your favorite drama"..

He's just really Gorgeous..

MORE Ramen Please.....

DRAMA ADDICTS sometimes need to relax and skip some parts .. 

Well it's part of the life.. and I admit I am one of them



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