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Current/Upcoming Films
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Stuff to look out for this/next year

Good Drama Champuru (75+)
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75+ good dramas...I've enjoyed over the years. Semi-random and best-of-year combo until I can make smaller lists!

Westerner Film Nerd-Friendly
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...or so I *think*...?

spies & assassins
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For now just what I haven't seen, but if you have suggestions please let me know~

200 Favorite Actors +
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200+ cool ppl Yes, I know, there are too many men on this list. I would say that I just find more male actors that I really like—am I biased…

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 Any tips always appreciated, especially if the title has been around for awhile.  Plus current season and not-yet-aired J-dramas I plan to…

Spoiler-free Warnings for Awesome Dramas with Dismal Endings
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Well, they deserve credit/love, even if they totally led me on head-over-heels and then dumped me.  #funwhileitlasted #feelfreetoargue Sometimes…

Great beginnings that tragically devolve thereafter
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You know, where the writer has a great premise and writes a killer pilot/first eps... but then doesn't know what to do with it after awhile?…

Favorite Directors & Screenwriters
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Right now it's mostly screenwriters and directors for TV, but it's soooo awesome that MDL now has this category.

Favorite Movies (50+)
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Top 50+ I can think of at the moment...I must be missing a ton. These are all memorable, though, for some reason or other...some for craft but…