Goblin (2016)

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Kim Shin is a goblin who is also a protector of souls. He lives together with an amnesiac grim reaper who is in charge of taking deceased souls. Shin doesn’t want to be immortal anymore and seeks a human bride in order to end his immortality. Meanwhile, Ji Eun Tak is a high school student who despite her painful reality, remains optimistic, ends up falling in love with the goblin. Sunny is read morean owner of a chicken shop, she is a bright and attractive girl who is loved by all men. However, while encountering hardship in her reckless life, she’ll meet the reaper and begin to change...
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    Prince Maker; Mr Sunshine; 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神-도깨비; 프린스 메이커; 도깨비가 간다; Dokkaebi; Sseulsseulhago Chalranhashin-Dokkaebi; The Lonely, Shining Goblin; Guardian: The Lonely and Great God;

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Both has a supernatural element to it. In Goblin, Eun Tak can call him by blowing a candle. In Master's Sun, Tae Gong Shil can avoid ghosts by touching him.
Recommended by OliviaThamara
both are supernatural historical dramas..with a blending of past and present

both have 2 love stories
1-warrior and person from the present.
the love of warrior is pure platonic one with lot of understanding..and he is always try to protect his girl
and the couple always try to overcome their difficulties together
2--king and queen
the love b/w king and queen had lot of misunderstandings though they love each other a lot...

both have bromance b/w king and warrior and the warrior was very loyal to the king

both have good friendship b/w two leading female characters and help each other to develop their love and all..

both have people who are jealous of the warrior and plotting against him and try to brainwash the king

But the theme of the story is completely different

cuz in faith its just one girl who time travels to the Goryeo era..
and in goblin many people from that era come to the 21st-century in different ways..
Recommended by MrsChoeYeong

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  • Reply
    Herison 22 minutes ago
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    kokuyo 7 hours ago

    Please don't let this drama ends! :( It's so cute and I LOVED IT!!!! </33

  • Reply
    Gongyoooppa 8 hours ago - edited

    People in korea paying for tvN network just to watch this drama and most of us pay websites so less or watch it for free with subtitles and then we throw out the word *overrated* again and again and even users who enjoy the drama are scared to say anything because youll be bombarded with comments.
    "Hey you like goblin omg thats so mainstream ughhh its overrated yoooww i wish other dramas get this attention oww ma goowd." Or dont get started on pedophiliac claims "i know she is 25 in real life but she is wearing school uniform"
    Ok if wearing a school uniform makes her a student then i am spongebob everytime i go to sleep because i have a spongebob pajamas.
    There is nothing called overrated or underrated.
    Its a product somepeople watch it and some people dont.
    Nitpicking over it wont make the drama bad or good.
    If you think a drama is bad dont support it and thats that. Write a negative review or 2 but spamming the same complains is UGHHH.
    Even the users who liked the show never comment on here. Where my hommies at???
    Im even scared to comment and i feel brainwashed by all this negative comments.
    Like is it over rated omg am i just another miley cylus lover better hide the fact that i enjoy lame christmas movies that everyone hates.
    Dont give this drama chance but give the users a damn chance.
    Remember how all of you hated DOTS? And dots got 3000 votes on this website by REAL USERS and it won this websites awards.
    The bullied silent users can vote too!

    • Reply
      Alessa 6 hours ago

      Just to clarify; Gong Yoo is a Globlin because the writers said so; not because he is one in real life. Kim Go Eun is a student (and wears a uniform) because the writers said so; not because she is one in real life.
      If you're not gonna believe what the writers intend to portrait (or you're gonna select which parts to believe), then what's the point in arguing?

      I think everybody is over sensitive with this drama. I personally really like it, but it's not perfect and it has flaws and parts I don't agree with it.

  • Reply
    Rachel 8 hours ago

    Up to episode 13, this is literally the best drama I've ever seen

  • Reply
    Sharn 15 hours ago

    They are finally releasing the 'never far away' song tomorrow. Seriously, it takes like forever.

  • Reply
    OliviaThamara 18 hours ago - edited

    It's overrated to be honest. It's not that good of a drama in my opinion. I just like the cute relationships between the characters, and looking at Gong Yoo of course haha. I feel like there was not much story in this drama with all of those flashbacks. In addition to that, the characters can be a bit bipolar sometimes lol.

    • Reply
      Sharn 15 hours ago

      I do agree it's sort of overrated at some point. However, if you look at the efforts they put together for it, I think they well deserve it. Noted that each episode are almost one hour and a half! Also, the beautiful shots, CGs and well editing (some weird cut was due to it having ads when it was live on tvN) definitely cost them lots of time. Because this ain't a pre-produced drama, director team and staff often had to stay overnight to keep up the airing schedule -- even actors are tired out by the tight shooting. According to news, they were still shooting for the finale at Incheon airport yesterday!

      Plot-wise, I feel they are lacking a little in depth, but I found myself loving the adorable fillers scenes between characters as well as the romance. Kim Eun Sook did a great job creating a fantasy drama imo.

  • Reply
    Noccy 22 hours ago

    Its ok but not amazing imo. Grim Reaper is my fave and is the reason i continue watching this. Lee Dong wook is charming as the Grim reaper and he does an amazing job portraying a sorrowful king. I want to see him in another sageuk!

  • Reply
    Jasmine 23 hours ago

    About their chemistry, personally, I'm more in the middle. In the beginning episodes, I wasn't a huge fan of their romance because I just didn't think they were on equal footing to have an equal romantic relationship. Nevertheless, I liked their relationship on a more emotional, soul to soul, level. It wasn't until recent episodes, specifically after Euk Tak turned 20, that I felt like she matured and grew so much, and I finally began to love the chemistry they have. Of course, episode 13 firmly cemented my feelings about their chemistry, especially after I bawled every time I watched it, no matter how many times I watched that scene.

  • Reply
    SpicedSugah 24 hours ago

    I'm ready for the last 3 episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply
    nadia 1 day ago

    I've just watched the 13 episode... again... and guess what I am doing. Yes, crying like a little baby... again.

  • Reply
    ipoipo 1 day ago - edited

    Goblin made me singed up on mydramalist lmao.
    For me it beats every drama's I've watched, that's like 40+ dramas

    • Reply
      Unnie25 20 hours ago

      There's always that one drama that make you want to talk about it endlessly.

    • Reply
      Fathi 15 hours ago

      Thought I was the only one to sign up because of goblin. lol.

  • Reply
    whatteverr 1 day ago

    Sure there were times I got a bit bored and some stuff dragged on, but on ep 13, and i can say it was worth for those last few minutes of episode 13 :(

  • Reply
    flarofl 1 day ago - edited

    up to eps 11 and this one is so overrated . i fastforward from eps 5 till 11 ..

  • Reply

    If anyone is a fan of Lee Dong Wook ( Angel of Death ), watch the drama reality show Roomate, he's in both seasons, its really funny, interesting, and has many awkward moments, its about around 10 people who don't know each other and all live in a house together and get to know each other, very good

  • Reply
    94loveKdrama 2 days ago - edited

    I am so bored and I just want to randomly cry, guess what I did? Rewatched the last few mins of ep 13.

    • Reply
      Janey 1 day ago

      You know what always makes me cry? When they kiss for the last time and the background music goes "why do we have to be......apart" and KS stops kissing her at the "apart". Never fails to make me cry. From that moment on, the tears just flow like water in a tap

    • Reply
      Jasmine 1 day ago

      LOL that is literally what I did.

    • Reply
      94loveKdrama 23 hours ago

      Ahahah. Thought I was the only one. lol


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    Dec 2, 2016 to Jan 21, 2017
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