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Kim Shin is a Goblin who is cursed with immortality and uses his powers to help others. He lives together with a Grim Reaper who has amnesia and can't remember his past. To end his immortality, Shin must search for a human bride who can pull out the sword in his chest and return him to ashes. He meets Ji Eun Tak, a high school student who, despite her painful reality, remains read moreoptimistic and ends up falling in love with the Goblin. She works with Sunny, the owner of a small chicken restaurant, who is a bright and attractive girl, loved by all men. However, when she meets the Grim Reaper, she finds her while beginner to change.

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Jan 21, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
If you are hesitating to watch this at all, please....just throw out your reservations and watch this. Goblin has just stolen the #1 spot for my favorite drama ever. (And my husband agrees!) It almost makes me wish that this were my first perfect 10 I'd ever given. The cinematography was gorgeous, the music was amazing, the actors were perfect (Hello, Gong Yoo!), the story was heartbreakingly beautiful.

This is the first read more time I've watched any of the main actors except Yoo In Na. I have now officially developed a Gong Yoo crush and understand why drama fans are enamored of him. (This show caused me to watch at least 3 other works he has been in already with plans for a few more!) Gong Yoo as Kim Shin/ Goblin was mesmerizing. I could listen to his voice for days. Every scene he was in was a treat. Every emotion that his character had was palpable, and his smiles could light up the sky.
And Kim Go Eun as Ji Eun Tak was super cute. She had a lot of detractors and the writer got a lot of flak for making her so young. But the character and her age were perfect for this story and how it unfolded.
Lee Dong Wook as the Grim Reaper had the perfect deadpan (heh) delivery. And he may be the best male "crier" I've seen yet.

The story will make you laugh and make you cry. Not only is the love story epic, but so is the bromance between Goblin and Reaper. I've found that I'm quite fond of this fantasy genre and this has been done so well. I have no criticisms of this show at all. It's sweet, funny, romantic, sad, tragic, beautiful...

The music was perfect and perfectly lovely. I don't always pay much attention to the music, but this show utilized it so well and chose the perfect songs. So many people loved even the intro song that they made a special recording of it to make it a full length song (Round and Round, but may also be found under Never Far Away). Beautiful by Crush was the best song in my opinion, and I believe that it was the theme song for our main couple. And Stay With Me by Chanyeol and Punch was another favorite.

Rewatch value - HIGH. In fact, I've already rewatched the first half of it with my son while waiting for new episodes. (He got sucked in when he accidentally caught some of episode 11, so I had to start at the beginning with him. LOL!) And I have no doubt that now that it is complete I will binge watch it all the way through again. I already miss these characters....
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Jan 21, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
Goblin is a great drama. I went into it with low expectations, but I was pleasantly suprised, or more accurately, I was blown away. You can recognize a good drama by the way it makes you feel exactly what the characters in the drama are feeling. That's the way Goblin was for me, with each character, I laughed and I cried.

I'll TRY to keep the review sweet and short, so here read more are the reasons I enjoyed Goblin:
-The premise is unique. It's one of a kind. I haven't seen any other Kdramas with a similar plotline to Goblin, so that was a plus point.
-The actors do a superb job. I could feel their emotions from across the screen. then again, nothing less to be expected from such a spectacular cast.
-The drama has everything, ranging from bromance, romance to mytery and suspense.
-The bromance is spectacular. One of the most epic bromance I've ever seen in a Kdrama. It made me laugh a lot, but it also had its heartwarming and heartwrenching moments. Goblin and Grim Reaper's relationship is one of the best reasons to pick this up.
-The two couples- Goblin & Eun Tak and Grim Reaper & Sunny. Both couples had their own story. The sweet and cute moments of the Goblin couple & the sizzling chemistry between Grim Reaper and Sunny was enough to keep the 'romance' meter of the drama pretty high. You won't be able to get enough of the cuteness of Goblin & Eun Tak.
-The mystery of the characters. From 'the lady in red' to the king and queen, each episode just gave enough glimpse into their lives to keep us engrossed. It'll drive you crazy in a good way.
-Each minute of every episode was enjoyable. I didn't skip a single moment of any episode.
-The unexpectedness of the drama was really great. Just when you'd think you had something figured out, some twist would come along and surprise you. The writer sure did a tremendous job.
BONUS: Beautiful and addictive OST

I personally didn't find anything even remotely bad about it, but that's not to say other people won't, so here's a few things you should keep in mind before venturing into it.
-The age difference between Goblin [ (~939) he was 39 when he died and then immortal for 900 years] and Eun Tak (19).
-Comparatively less screen time for Sunny and Grim Reaper couple. But I suppose that's to be expected specially since the title alone indicates that Kim Shin (Goblin) is the main lead, so it's no wonder they get the most screen time.
-Worst product placement you'll ever see in a Kdrama. You might think I'm kidding but sometimes even the smallest thing can annoy you. I personally found those scenes amusing though.

So, to sum up- I LOVED this drama! Do give this one a chance, you won't be disappointed. Once you start it, chances are, you'll end up loving it. Happy Watching!
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    shivangi 24 hours ago - edited

    If you didnt like this drama, are you even a drama fan?

    • Reply
      StarlitStorm 18 hours ago

      Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to dramas...

    • Reply
      guccigall 1 hour ago

      I dislike this drama but I'm still a drama fan.

  • Reply
    xcrystalstarx 3 days ago

    lol did they hire the same person to paint the paintings in this drama and LOTBS? The art style looks pretty similar XD

  • Reply

    Perfect for me

  • Reply
    Benedict 5 days ago

    Great show, but my main issue was with the time skip forward at the end. Maybe they should have thought about setting the series 30-40 years before 2016-2017 to make the ending more realistic. Nothing changed in 30-40 years. That really irked me for some reason.

  • Reply
    Light 6 days ago

    Wasn't super feeling the ending, and there was middle filler, but other than that this was still very good.

  • Reply
    hinfay 6 days ago

    Beautiful drama! It made me laugh and cry and sometimes both at the same time. I thought both of the romances were very tragic yet beautifully well done. The bromance was funny and completely heartwarming, easily winning me over. I also thought the soundtrack was wonderful!!! <3

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  • Reply
    Narco 8 days ago

    Fk me, trailer looked so damn good. Too bad it was trailer for this show :(

  • Reply
    bluephire 8 days ago - edited

    Had to drop because the plot wasn't progressing... Not that there was much of a plot, the characters are really lovable and cinematography is great but that's not enough to make a good story..

    • Reply
      namopanik 7 days ago - edited

      If you came through the middle part filler, it's a pity to drop it at this point. The worst is behind you.

  • Reply
    Jemerald523 11 days ago

    I was amazed on cinematography as well as how good the characterization of this drama. Kudos to the director and the writer. Plus it was a great casting.
    I love everything in this drama (the OST, sidestories) even though it tortures my heart.

  • Reply
    HoneyXHoney 12 days ago

    T_T get you tisues
    i cryed an ocean on this one but still one of the best dramas in a long time *_*
    if you love romantic and heartbreaking storys GO FOR IT!
    oh and the soundtrack is wonderful!!

  • Reply
    Nemesis 13 days ago - edited

    Nothing special about this drama tbh...
    Painfully overrated..

  • Reply
    choooco20 14 days ago

    the ending is my fav part


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