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Soot Sanaeha (2009)

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In this lakorn, Anne will be portraying Alin, a dwindling actress unable to compete with younger rising starlets. When she is approached to do a cooking show “Soot Aroi Gap Alin (Delicious recipes with Alin)”, she accepts, hoping it will save her career and also to bring her closer to the owner of the show played by Willy. One problem, she can’t cook. She hires Ken’s character, a foul-mouth chef, for cooking read morelessons.

Slowly she learns how to cook and her show is a major ratings hit. Also at this time, Alin develops a personal relationship with her cooking teacher, not a romantic one. She begins to consult with him about her life and love.

As her relationship blossoms with the man of her dreams, she begins to question about the relationship she has with her chef. Though Willy is the man of her dreams and can give her things she superficially desires (glamor and stardom), Ken makes her happy. Who will she choose?

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    A Recipe for Love; Sood Sanae Ha; Sood Snaeha; Soot Sanae Ha; Sood Sanaeha; Soot Saneha;

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8 days ago
  • Overall 8.5
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I actually did not plan to write a review for this show but seeing the empty Review section made me a little sad so here goes...

My third Ken/Anne drama after 'Oum Rak' and 'Sawan Biang' and I think I have probably nailed their top 3 out of 5 now. I wasn't too keen to watch this initially because while this was a rom-com, it seemed that food/cooking was a main overarching read more theme and it was not one which particularly appealed to me (alongside medical themed dramas), because I find that most shows with a chef don't tend to do realistic portrayals of proper chefs and their difficult and highly-skilled work in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I can't really say that this show made the cut in this aspect, so for those who are a bit more picky in terms of accuracy of portrayals of people in a professional capacity, you might want to close one eye and shut the other on this show.

So, toss accuracy of the chef profession aside and use the cooking theme as the main storyboard on which the whole show rests on. Or rather, use the cooking theme as a main storyboard on which the character of Alin rests on, because this show is really about her.

Alin is an interesting, quirky and rather funny main character on which the whole show revolves around. But what, I think, makes her character pop and stand-out for me (and probably a lot of viewers too), is that she is surprisingly headstrong, assertive and quite marvellously able to stand on her own two feet throughout the entire show. She fights her own cat-fights, and is practically fearless in action whether it be facing down a sea of reporters in press conferences, or facing off against her potential mother-in-law, or in making demands and throwing a tantrum at the point of a gun. She's such a Diva, but yet we can't really hate her, even in her most manipulative, exploitative moments. For crafting a memorable leading lady, this show is pure gold.

The pacing of this show is steady and solid, with side characters and story-arcs being given more than enough air-time to establish personalities, character motivations, back-stories, and forward-movement of plots. I also thought that the script and the way the show evolved was very well-written and I was actually so absorbed in watching the first two-thirds of the show that I hardly used the fast-forward button (which is normally in action for stock character appearances). I personally thought that the show lost some of its amazing momentum in the later one-third, and I wished they could have fleshed out the ending a bit better so that we could sit back and sigh in bliss as we watched our main leads together, but these are minor gripes in the whole scheme of things.

Overall, this is a solid romantic-comedy with a scintillating main character who brings lots of sparkle and pop to this show.

Most of the supporting cast of characters are great. You do have your villains in this show and they can be pretty one-note in terms of character and rather over-exaggerated in terms of portrayal - typical of Thai lakorns - but the main characters are all well-rounded and well-done.

KEN THEERADETH - as Kru Cook/ Pasu/ Din. Ken won another acting award for his role here, and while I can appreciate why because Ken is as good as ever with his ability to emote on-screen, I personally enjoyed his earlier character portrayals in his earlier dramas ('Oum Rak' and 'Sawan Biang') more. His character here is less of a stand-out compared to the main female lead, so I think he was a little over-shadowed here. But still, over-shadowed or not, Ken is as good as ever in being able to bring to life his characters to the screen and make them as different and as distinguishable from other characters he has played in the past. His versatility in the acting department is truly outstanding.

ANNE THONGPRASOM - as Alin. This is Anne's show, without a doubt, and she deserved her best actress acting award in spades. Alin is such a multi-faceted and mercurial character, with mood changes and temperaments as changeable as the wind, but yet Anne is able to hold it all together and knit the various clashing colours of the character into one amazing garment. She is somehow able to make the character of Alin winsome despite all that diva temper-throwing and self-entitled arrogant huffs. We can see why Kru Cook fell in love with Alin despite her crazy character flaws, and in the hands of a lesser actress, this show could have gone completely off the rails and self-destructed. Anne was brilliant here, just absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Standing ovation from the floor.

Chemistry-wise, both Ken and Anne had them in spades, which I've come to expect as par for the course for this pairing. This on-screen couple is incredible at generating that kind of gravitational force that pulls you into their orbit and every single one of their scenes together, regardless of which drama, is just mesmerising.

I admit that the music did not really catch my attention in this show. There was not a lot of over-playing of character theme songs or repetitive soundtracks here which is also a nice change from some of the dramas which bludgeon you over the head with their music score. I guess it must have been sufficiently subtle and good enough to have passed unnoticed and yet not jarring the show or the scenes.

I confess that among the 3 Ken/Anne dramas I've seen, this one currently stands lowest on my re-watch list. Don't get me wrong, this is a fantastic romantic-comedy show, and Anne is just outstanding here, but the relationship dynamic and the emotional feels this show and this coupling incites was not as mesmerising nor as emotionally-provoking as 'Oum Rak' and 'Sawan Biang', for me. But as a stand-alone Thai lakorn, this is still one of the best out there, because really, the Ken/Anne coupling is just head-and-shoulders above their compatriots. Simply unmatchable.
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    MusicalVeggies 8 days ago

    I personally think this drama's poster picture does not do it any justice. Alin (Anne's character), is so completely mis-represented here - she is so different in terms of style, fashion and personality in the show!

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    makeuptemple Jun 30, 2017

    love Ken but I seriously dislike Anne as an actress, so shall i watch it or not?

  • Reply
    MonikaB Apr 28, 2017

    This was an enjoyable lakorn! I still laugh and shake my head when I remember the ending (messed up indeed). Anne and Ken really have great chemistry. I watched Sawan Biang because of them and I liked how the writer put in a plug for SB in this drama.

  • Reply
    jinnborn Sep 6, 2016

    It's a good drama,funny with a strong female lead. The couple are so nice and sweet together.

  • Reply
    s-m Aug 29, 2015

    Anne's character here was so crazy, charming and funny..

  • Reply
    SprinkledPink Aug 29, 2015

    The writing for the OTP was great. The build-up felt organic and not rushed at all. Just like their 3 other dramas they've stared in together, Ken and Anne had fantastic chemistry in this one as well. Anne was great here as Alin! Such a fun and sassy character. The only downside to her was her life revolved too much around men. Alin depended too much on Kru Cook. Would have liked to see her be more independent.

  • Reply
    abracadabra Apr 27, 2015

    IMO, the ending is kinda messed up... But I love Ann and Ken - brilliant actors

  • Reply
    3ngin33r Dec 11, 2014

    A very well made rom-com

  • Reply
    bluemoon_onna Oct 28, 2014

    My very first lakorn that i didnt hate. This fueled my addiction to Thai dramas. I love this!

  • Reply
    Jeannette136 Oct 4, 2014 - edited

    Hey :) Anyone knows where can I download episodes to this drama? I don't like watch on youtube. I feel that each episode takes forever, even if it is a great drama. I 'll be gratefull for hints ;D

    • Reply
      Jeannette136 Oct 7, 2014

      Oh my god! Thank you, thank you very much :) I've been looking this for a long time.

  • Reply
    meganjoy12 Jul 5, 2014 - edited

    the chemistry in this drama is insane, its one of the best ive ever seen. and I have to agree with the other comment about anne's character being like chun song yi, they have really similar personalities and character traits.

    minor spoiler below -

    also ive noticed that thai dramas use lots of meta and this one had tons. my favorite was when ken's mom was talking about sawan biang with him, haha that was so funny.

  • Reply
    Ginger Jul 2, 2014 - edited

    Funny with great chemistry...kept me interested till the final moment! I don't think any other lakorn will be more entertaining than this for me! not to mention Kru cook is so cute!

  • Reply
    ryoyamaine May 17, 2014 - edited

    Anne usually gets to play as a serious character but this one she can be totally funny! As for anne's character here is similar to Chun Song Yi of You Who Came From The Star. its a charm of this drama! still remains a great chemistry between two leads. Ken as a chef character here always looks out for anne. He's a dream guy a girl could ever ask for. One of my faves and couple all the time. :)


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    Oct 29, 2009 to Dec 23, 2009
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    Wednesday, Thursday
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