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Incomplete Life (2014)

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Jang Geu Rae played the board game go since he was a child. Playing the game was everything to him, but he failed to become a professional go player. Now he is thrown out into the real world. But when his gaming plans fail, the down-and-out Geu Rae is forced to get an office job and goes to work as an intern by an acquaintance’s recommendation for large company called One International. read moreOn his first day, Geu Rae faces the eager fellow intern An Yeong Yi as they both try to please their new boss, Section Chief Oh Sang Shik, and keep up with the ambitious employee Jang Baek Ki.

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Jan 5, 2015
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
Sometimes in drama watching, we follow a path in choosing what to watch, when to watch it, and in what manner we'll watch it. Paths in life are not as simple; decisions can make or break us--they can open or close opportunities and /or adventures. Misaeng (Incomplete Life) is all about paths. It's about growth. It's about finding oneself and asking the big question, "What am I doing with my life?"

Misaeng's read more path of story transcends the typical office narrative. It's not just watching office workers struggle, suffer, get praise, or be joyful. We know these characters; we know their faces and names, their pasts, their hang-ups, and their fears. However, we don't know them only as Jang Geu Rae, Oh Sang Shik, Kim Dong Shik, Jang Baek Ki, Ahn Young Yi, or Han Suk Yeol. We KNOW these people; they are our friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and often, ourselves. That's what Misaeng brings in its storytelling, its cinematography, its constant image of being small in a big world and finding what we can do to be significant.

That path was taken by, in my opinion, one of the greatest ensembles I have ever seen in a drama. The entire cast has this way of making one completely identify or not identify with their actions. We see how everyone starts--naive, raw, rough, intimidated, at times, arrogant and ridiculous. Yet we also experience their growth, admissions of success and failure, and admissions of self-centeredness or guilt.

Behind the ensemble, traversing the path of Misaeng was an exciting and memorable soundtrack. Each piece told a story. I enjoyed the somewhat folk storytelling of the OST tracks because it mirrored the narrative of the day-to-day experience of the office workers. One could argue that the music is a character in and of itself as it travels the visual text.

Through its story, cast, and music, Misaeng took me on a journey. At times, I felt like Jang Geu Rae, wondering and asking myself the same questions. That's what I loved about Misaeng. I'm not an office worker, but I identify with their struggle. I ask myself the same questions. I feel defeated at times. At the end of the day, I'm just an incomplete life looking for completion.
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36 people found this review helpful
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Mar 21, 2015
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
There are very few dramas that I would give a rating of 10 or even re-watch it in its entirety. Misaeng deserves both. It is a masterpiece.

As much as I love my usual rom-coms, Misaeng completely took me by surprise and gave me thrills and heart wrenching moments in every single episode. Some people find the pace slow, but it worked for me. I was engrossed with each and every character read more and every single plot. I laughed and cried with the trio from Sales Team #3 and its group of supporting casts. It has unexpected moments and original story telling that is rarely seen. I absolutely loved it!

Give it a try. If nothing else, you will walk away with a few valuable life lessons.
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Both are office dramas and both revolve around temporary employees and their struggles. Incomplete life is more serious and it was done better (it has some philosophical reasoning related to Baduk(Go)), still both of them are really enjoyable. Actually, Incomplete Life has almost a perfect story so if you liked Radiant Office, you'll surely like this one.
Recommended by Chocco
Both these dramas are about a character who join a company. It's interesting because we get a glimpse of how a Korean company work.
While Jang Geu Rae is introverted and doesn't have qualifications, Mr Kim is talented and extroverted.
Recommended by Sady

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  • Reply
    Tzuyu Mar 16, 2017

    Every episode I feel that I should become a better person, I must work better and value the things of life. It's a beautiful drama.

  • Reply
    Yaah Mar 15, 2017 - edited

    simply motivational and analogical...

    Those who've depressed thoughts & inferiority complex and tenseful work life àre more suited to watch in a way more patiently, enthusiastically, & sentimentally...

    Unless you cheat your mind as you're not watching this on screen, your eyes will never fill with tears emotionally everytime when that background song played...

  • Reply
    hongberg Mar 6, 2017 - edited

    I really enjoyed watching this drama back then, the office setup and the acting just felt so real. I really adored the Sales Team 3. I've watched this drama ages ago, but checked out this page once again because I didn't know that the office set they had was actually CG.

  • Reply
    HamelinSong Mar 1, 2017 - edited

    I'm at episode six and i'm bored AF. shoud I keep going? everyone seems so passionate about this drama, I don't know what to do...

    • Reply
      OliviaThamara Mar 5, 2017

      If you're the type of person that likes romance or romantic comedies then don't watch this because this is just a touching story. I really liked it because of the characters and the relationships between them.

    • Reply
      HamelinSong Mar 5, 2017

      I like pretty much everything: romantic comedy, stupid comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller and touching stories (i'm not into joseon-era things tho)...
      But my problem with Misaeng is it's pace, nothing seems to happen, is dreadfully slow! I have a problem with dramas where everything happens in the last 3/4 episodes; usually even if it's the case you can overcome the waiting with music, but here there's not even trace of it ç_ç
      I don't know, not for me I guess.

    • Reply
      OliviaThamara Mar 6, 2017

      Yeah don't force yourself to watch something you don't like lol. I never thought that it was slow when I watched it..maybe only the 1st ep. Goblin is muchhh slower in my opinion lol. I liked this better than Goblin. Just different taste in dramas I guess.

  • Reply
    Emily Feb 28, 2017 - edited

    I feel like I must be missing something major just reading the synopsis. This seems dreadfully boring.

    • Reply
      OliviaThamara Mar 5, 2017

      The description sounds boring but the characters and their relationships are very rich.

  • Reply
    alexa Jan 26, 2017 - edited

    I'm about halfway through this drama and I just have a question... I know the drama was released in 2014 but does the whole story take place in 2012? I figured the opening scene was meant to be a modern day scene and the actual story is taking place in 2012... but I was just curious to see if there will be a time jump or if I'm interpreting it wrong.

    • Reply
      Banada6 Jan 29, 2017 - edited

      I think yeah it started in 2012 but when It ended it was 2014 I'm sorry i don't remember very well but there was a time jump in the last episode but i don't know if it was two years

    • Reply
      alexa Jan 29, 2017

      That would make sense, thank you!

    • Reply
      Banada6 Jan 29, 2017

      You're welcome

  • Reply
    kdramaftw Jan 26, 2017

    Brilliant drama. I cant believe how heartwarming it is. It will remain in my heart

  • Reply
    rationalbeings Jan 17, 2017

    It's 2017 and I still can't get over how brilliant and how much of a masterpiece this drama is. Everything from the story to the characters to the cinematography is so unique and executed so breathtakingly that it's deeply etched in my mind till today. Even the OST, I once told my sister the ost represented my life to which replied, Misaeng represents everyone's life. And that is so true. Hands down the best drama I ever watched.

  • Reply
    norigamis Jan 8, 2017

    I'm so glad I watched this, it was so realistic and meaningful.

  • Reply
    Asianstan Dec 23, 2016 - edited

    This is my favorite drama and it didn't change since i watched this.

  • Reply
    Jay Nov 25, 2016 - edited

    What do I watch now? I feel so empty inside.

  • Reply
    kinfinity Nov 5, 2016

    Rating it 10/10 because this drama is a freaking gem! Most of the times I had to play a scene several times to get what the character is trying to tell us. And the ending, oh my gosh, I rarely like endings but the ending of this drama was just amazing. Really loved how they made Kang Sora's character a very independent woman, which you rarely see in a kdrama. I just loved it.

  • Reply
    BoaHanmock Oct 18, 2016

    props to Kang So ra for her super acting. love her character so much <3

  • Reply
    lea Oct 12, 2016

    This drama..two thumbs up :)

  • Reply
    murnau Sep 25, 2016 - edited

    Very late to this show. I'm only four episodes in. I love it, but dear me every time I see Siwan's character I want to give him a wedgie. I can definitely see how he was an influence for Kim Soo-hyun's stupid grin useless trainee character in the Producers (seriously what television network would let someone like that pass their recruitment process?), and at least he's better and more forgiving than that. Everything else in the show is great, if a little broad with its little moral brush at times. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

    Finished it. A little disappointing. Or more so, uneven. Geu-rae was the most irritating character I've seen for some time. It's nothing he did, it's just the role he served to the show - this pathetic exposition puppy that's meant to be our point of identification. Hey fine, have that character, but to base the show around him and try to churn our emotion from him was a mistake.

    I'm imagining a show without him and it would totally work. The only purpose he served was that point of exposition. If he asked "What does that mean?" one more time I would have turned the show off instead of swearing at him. He was like a ghost in the room for the other characters to reflect on or take comfort in. His useless voiceovers with the Go metaphors, his unearned sentimentality, his mopey-dopey look - all cringeworthy, pointless, and only took away from the emotional core of the show.

    The rest of the cast were good to great. But even within them, the writing was very hokey at times. I don't get the praise. Yeah, it's a kdrama, but if you're trying to raise the art, I'm going to criticise you on that raised level. Gah, once again I'm out of touch with the drama watching community.

    Oh and that ending...


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